About Us

The name Doylestown Health now represents the healthcare network that has delivered high quality care to the community for over 90 years. This is an exceptional accomplishment, considering that Doylestown Hospital remains non-profit and has been governed by the same organization – The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown which has served the community for over 120 years.

What is Doylestown Health?

Doylestown Health is an extensive array of coordinated healthcare services that reflects the care you’ve come to expect from Doylestown Hospital.

Doylestown Health is comprised of:

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Doylestown Health is to continuously improve the quality of life and proactively advocate for the health and well-being of the individuals we serve. With a vision to enthusiastically pursue healthcare excellence through collaboration and innovation, we strive to inspire a more vibrant and healthier world for our patients and our community.

We are dedicated not only to making patients well, but in helping them to stay well too — before, during and after they visit our services. We consistently strive for healthcare excellence and provide a continuum of connected providers, quality and excellence in service and accessibility to the community we serve.

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  • We serve the community
  • We strive for excellence in our services and programs
  • We respect the dignity and privacy of all
  • We provide value through high quality, accessible services
  • We seek innovation and integration for continuous improvement
  • We are compassionate
  • We are committed to the health and wellness education of our community