Friends of the Heart Institute

To raise financial support for the full range of hospital-based cardiac programs and services through annual membership support and fundraising special events. Further, the organization seeks to advance cardiac-healthy lifestyles through the dissemination of patient-friendly information on the various cardiac programs and services offered by Doylestown Hospital and members of its medical staff.

Who We Are

Friends of The Heart Institute (FHI) of Doylestown Hospital is an all-volunteer organization committed to advancing the highest quality cardiac care to patients and their families.

What We Do

We purchase state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipment for the Richard A. Reif Heart Institute. We host special Fundraising events such as the Annual Heart Brunch and Cardiac Cook-Off. We disseminate information about cardiac services to patients in the hospital's Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and offices of hospital-affiliated cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons.

How You Can Help

Your membership in The Friends of the Heart Institute is a tax-deductible gift that will touch the lives of thousands who turn to Doylestown Hospital for heart care.

For more information about Friends of The Heart Institute call 215-345-2122.

Donate to Friends of The Heart Institute
Complete the on-line form and designate the donation to Friends of The Heart Institute.

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FHI Steering Committee

Sara Moyer & C. Scott Moyer, Co-Chairs Joseph S. Auteri, MD; Pamela Byers; Louis Della Penna; Leon Ephross; Michael Gecht; Susan E. Gordon; Carol Hirt; Stephen D. Hirt; Jean Leister; Joy Levy; Teresa Long, RN, MSN, CCRN, NE-BC; John McCaughan; John Mitchell, CCP, LP; Linda A. Plank; Renee A. Sangrigoli, MD, FACC; Marjorie Vansant; J. Doyle Walton, MD; George F. Wiemann, MD; Eleanor Wilson, RN, MSN, MHA, NE-BC

Allocations Committee

Sara Moyer & C. Scott Moyer, Co-Chairs Dr. J. Todd Alderfer; Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Auteri*; Dr. David G. Boland; Pamela Byers; Robert and Joyce Byers, Sr.*; David and Gwen Campbell*; Carol and Louis Della Penna*; Carolyn Della-Rodolfa; Betty Diem*; Leon and Sally Ephross*; Sandra C. Fickes*; Frances L. Finkle*; Michael Gecht; Dr. Eric R. Gejer; Robert and V. Elaine Gilmore*; Bill and Sandy Goble*; Susan E. Gordon; Dr. Francis W. Grzywacz; Dr. James C. Guarino; Dr. Steven A. Guidera; Joyce and Steve Hanson*; Dr. John D. Harding; Howard E. Heckler*; Steve and Carol Hirt*; Dr. and Mrs. John Hubbard*; Dr. James J. Kmetzo; Dr. Ed and Lynda Knopf*; Jean Leister; Mary Lee and Bill Lieser*; Joy Levy; Teresa Long; Dr. Richard Mascolo; John and Carol McCaughan*; Dr. James B. McClurken; Dr. Joseph F.X. McGarvey, Jr.; Dr. Joseph and Marguerite McGarvey, Sr.*; John Mitchell; Dr. Michael G. Mooradd; Ephe and Bonnie Olliver*; Dr. Donald E. and Joan B. Parlee*; Doreen H. Paynton*; Peddler's Village*; Nancy L. and Wesley G. Pericone*; Linda A. Plank; Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Putnam*; June Rea*; Karen and Rich Reif*; Dr. Sean C. Reinhardt; Tom and Fran Saldi*; Dr. Renee A. Sangrigoli; Dr. Robert M. Sangrigoli; Fred and Taffy Schea*; Herman Silverman*; Dr. Stephen B. Sloan; Dr. David L. Smith; Tom and Patti Thomas*; Dr. David A. Travis; Margorie Vansant; Dr. J. Doyle Walton; Dr. George F. Wiemann; Dr. George and Eleanor Wilson*; Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall*

* Lifetime Members

Heart to Heart Volunteers

The goal of Doylestown Hospital's Heart-to-Heart volunteer program is to provide a positive transition to healing and wellness for heart patients and their family members through reassurance, compassion and inspiration. Heart-to-Heart volunteers have all had some past involvement with a cardiac event, and most are former heart patients. Their mission is to help others like themselves.

Our Heart-to-Heart volunteers touch the lives of many heart patients and assist them through what can be a difficult and emotional time. They offer individual, non-medical support based on their personal experiences with cardiac diagnoses and past events. Many volunteers say that they feel this is an opportunity to give others the support they were given, and to express their gratitude.

All Heart-to-Heart volunteers must complete hospital orientation and a specialized training program given by The Heart Institute. They also attend various workshops through the year that assist them in helping others. Because patients and their family members may feel overwhelmed after surgery, this service provides much needed support during a very stressful time.