Prenatal Testing Center

The Prenatal Testing Center of Doylestown Hospital provides evaluation and testing services to determine the health of mom and baby prior to birth, consultation for genetic counseling, and care for high-risk pregnancies provided on-site by an experienced maternal fetal medicine specialist (perinatologist). Services are available to expectant mothers regardless of where they deliver and include:

  • Genetic Counseling- Fetal Well-being Testing (NST)
  • Prenatal Consultation for High-risk Pregnancies- Nuchal Translucencies
  • Amniocentesis- Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS)
  • Level II Ultrasound- Other Advanced Maternity Care Services

Prenatal Testing Center Appointment Scheduling

Call (215) 345-2423 for non-stress tests appointments, genetic counseling consultants, ultrasound and other prenatal testing. A physicians' referral is required for testing.