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Children’s Village first opened its doors in 1985 and was established by the Village Improvement Association (VIA), a non-profit women’s organization that also established Doylestown Hospital in 1923.

How We Started

Originally intended to provide a rewarding educational and nurturing and convenient experience for children of Doylestown Hospital employees, Children’s Village started as a “one-room schoolhouse” with a front door, three classrooms and two offices serving a total of 40 children.

High demand plus requests for enrollment from non-hospital employees allowed our facility to grow and accommodate a larger population. By 1993 we had grown to three buildings with 15 classrooms and  had the ability to accommodate all area children.

Our Modern School

Today’s Children’s Village serves more than 200 children from five counties.

We foster a comprehensive learning environment and accept children with disabilities as well as non-English speaking children. We also work closely with Child Care Information Services of Philadelphia (CCIS) to help families in need of financial assistance.

Happy Anniversary!

In January 2015, Children’s Village proudly celebrated our 30th anniversary. For upcoming events, visit our News and Events page.

Contact Children's Village

Email or call 215-345-2678.