Free Valet Parking

Doylestown Hospital will provide complimentary valet services Monday – Friday from 7 am – 5 pm for patients and visitors. Learn more

Social Media Commenting Guidelines

Sites sponsored by Doylestown Hospital, such as its blog, social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube) welcome and encourage participation from patients, caregivers, professionals and others. To promote respectful discussion within these forums, we request that you be courteous and avoid comments that are profane, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable or inaccurate.

Comments and questions are welcome. Please understand that we cannot respond to every comment, and that we will not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment via the Internet. If you have a question about your specific medical condition, please contact your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. If you are in the United States and believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

 Doylestown Hospital reserves the right to edit or delete any comments or content deemed inappropriate. The following types of comments or content will be deleted by administrators:

  • Comments that include first and last names, locations or other personal or patient information
  • Comments that include blatant profanity, obscenities or are offensive in nature, sexually explicit, inappropriate, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable or inaccurate.
  • Comments that are chain letters, off topic, posted multiple times or SPAM.
  • Comments that advertise or solicit a business or service.

For the privacy of users and their families, please be advised that all postings to the Doylestown Hospital sponsored sites will be publicly available on the Internet and therefore accessible by the public. Please consider how much personal information to share, with the understanding that this information may be linked to your name and published on the Internet.

Links to other websites from Doylestown Hospital sponsored sites are provided as a service to readers and do not constitute endorsement of those sites, and as such Doylestown Hospital is not responsible for the content of external websites.

By posting content to any of Doylestown Hospital’s sponsored sites, you understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public. Please note that other participants may use your posted information beyond the control of Doylestown Hospital. If you do not wish to have the information you have made available via this site used, published, copied and/or reprinted, please do not post on these sponsored sites.

Collaborative Mission

Doylestown Hospital’s mission is to collaborate with its partners to promote community wellness and excellence and innovation in health care.

The hospital’s partners include the Medical Staff, all components of the VIA Health System (Pine Run Community, Lakeview Assisted Living, Visiting Nurse and the Doylestown Hospital Surgical Center) and specific non-profit community organizations with similar goals to improve health and wellness for all members of the community.

Consequently, Doylestown Hospital will seek relationships through social media with like-minded organizations – local, regional and national – whose focus is wellness and health care. The hospital will also partner with business, government and municipal partners in activities designed to promote health and wellness.

Doylestown Hospital will at no time participate in fundraising activities that are not directly linked to approved hospital charities or hospital supported organizations.