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“Hospital” Exhibit by Doylestown Health Open for Fun


NEW HOPE, PA. (June 2, 2015) — This is one "hospital" where children can have fun. They are encouraged to read X-rays, drive an ambulance, even perform surgery. It's all part of the "Hospital" by Doylestown Health, an exhibit at the Bucks County Children's Museum in New Hope. The grand opening celebration was on May 30.

Families can now explore health care in a fun, engaging way in the new exhibit. Children can put on a junior doctor's white coat and examine all the features of the exhibit, including the kid-sized ambulance and an exam area complete with play stethoscopes. The life-sized "Operation" game tests the surgical skills of children, who use tongs to try and extract different organs. Kids can also check their heart rate and learn about the body.

"The Children's Museum is such a great treasure for our community to have," said Doylestown Health CEO Jim Brexler. "We're excited to be a part of such a fun and interactive museum that encourages children to learn through play.

"We designed our exhibit to take away the fear factor about health care and let children explore and learn about the hospital in a way they can understand and grasp – literally – so if they ever do need our services they have a positive point of reference."

"I know how stressful it can be for young children to go to the hospital," said museum Executive Director Kelly Krumenacker. "Having this exhibit here demystifies the whole hospital experience for children."

Opened in 2011, the Bucks County Children's Museum offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences for children including a Town Square, Big Dig archeological site and Hot Air Balloon Virtual Experience. The partnership with Doylestown Health expands the educational opportunities to include the human body and what it's like to visit the doctor.

Jason Komasz, MD, lead pediatric hospitalist for Doylestown Health's Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center, says community education is a big part of his commitment. He consulted with designers to help develop the interactive exhibit. His likeness on the wall greets visitors to the exhibit.

"Honestly, we want to keep people out of the hospital," said Dr. Komasz. "We want to keep them healthy and use an exhibit like this to teach about the body and explain ways to be healthy. The more young people learn about their bodies and health, the more likely they are to stay healthy over their lifetime."

About Doylestown Health Pediatric Services

Opened in 2014, Doylestown Health's Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center provides compassionate care by board-certified pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatric nurses. Our staff cares for children of all ages, including infants, children and teens and works closely with a child's community pediatrician.

In addition to inpatient care, Doylestown Health provides family-centered outpatient pediatric care including emergency care, surgical services and advanced diagnostic imaging and testing. The Della Penna Pediatric Center services extend beyond the hospital setting to include health and wellness education, nutrition services and other support services within the community.