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4 Tactics For Dealing With Political Stress

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Battling nightly political debates at the dinner table? Distracted throughout the day with news alerts? The political climate in Washington can have a lingering affect long after an election ends.

Notifications from your favorite news sources, tweets from political figures, and international concerns are all sources of stress that may be keeping your blood pressure high. According to the American Psychological Association, the 2016 Presidential Election was a source of stress for more than half of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. Sound familiar? Use the following tips to manage stress while at home or at work.

Stay Informed

Staying stress free doesn't necessarily mean deleting news apps or avoiding nightly broadcasts altogether. As an American citizen, it is important to stay informed so that you can make the best voting decisions. Yet, finding a balance between healthy time spent away from the news and staying politically active is key to protecting your overall wellbeing. Setting parameters for when you look at the news can be a helpful habit to start.

Know Your Limits

Read just enough to stay informed. Unplugging from your devices throughout the day will allow you to spend more time with friends and family, a healthy distraction from the never ending news cycle. Set parameters for how much time you spend daily reading or watching the news is key to managing stress or avoiding an angry outbursts.

Channel Concern into Positive Outcomes

Don't let a politically charged tweet lead you into despair; use your anxiety as a motivating factor to getting involved in your community and make a change. Taking actionable steps will help you to feel more in control and comfortable in your own environment. Join a new club, find a new hobby, or volunteer.

Self Care

Protecting your mental health is important, but don't neglect your physical wellbeing in the process. Turn off your phone and relax, spend time with family, or go for a run. Limiting screen time at home or at the office can be helpful and lessen the stress on your psyche. Prioritize sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. Take time out of your day to do the things you love; Washington can wait.

Don't overwhelm yourself with an overload of news and opinions pieces. Stay diligent, know your limit, and above all else, put your own health first. Check out more tips from the experts at Doylestown Health for easy stress reduction techniques.

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