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6 Tips to Get Moving At Work

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Tips to Get Moving At Work

Many Americans spend the majority of their day sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer screen or electronic device. In fact, Americans sit for approximately 9-10 hours a day. People who work in an office environment may spend large chunks of time at their desk, with limited movement throughout the day. Prolonged sitting can have negative effects on your overall health.

Here are some tips to increase your movement at work:

Stand for a Few Minutes Every Hour

Sitting down for hours at a time without moving your body or standing up can cause serious damage to your health. Try to stand up for 5 minutes every hour. Whether it is standing up to listen to a voicemail or just walking to the restroom, it is best to get up and get moving at least once an hour!

Exercise Regularly

Exercising for a short period of time every day can have a dramatic impact on your health, and prevent issues later on in life. There are many reasons to skip a daily workout when you've already put in 8 hours at work, but it is important to try to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes a day to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Take the Stairs

Next time you need to take a trip to the next floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Yes, the elevator is easier and more convenient, but taking the steps is a quick way to get in a few extra minutes of movement.

Move Your Phone

Place a filing cabinet or phone further away from your desk so you have to get up to grab something or answer the phone. It might be inconvenient to get up every time someone calls, but it forces your body to stand up and get moving!

Get on the Ball

Consider replacing the chair at your desk with an exercise ball. This is not something to sit on every single day, but once and awhile it is nice to switch it up. There are a few different perks of sitting on an exercise ball, but one of the most important is core strengthening. By sitting on the ball, it forces you to have good posture while you engage your core.

Parking Lot Workout

Park your car further from the entrance. Getting those few extra steps in can make all the difference when it comes to staying healthy!

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