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8 Game Winning Health Tips for the Big Game

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Football Health Tips

As we approach the big game this Sunday, football fans everywhere are gearing up to cheer on their favorite team and indulge in finger foods, sandwiches and snacks.

Here are 8 tips from nutritionist, Kristin Morrow, RDN, LDN, CDE, on how you can tackle your cravings during the big game and walk away with a health win!

  • Arrive well hydrated - drink plenty of water early in the day and the day before. People often confuse thirst with hunger and can overeat when water is what's really needed. If consuming alcohol, limit to 1 drink. If taking 2 drinks, try to take a glass of water between those beverages.
  • Take a walk or organize a pickup game with friends before kickoff.
  • Take a break from the game to eat! Eating while focusing on the game may cause you to eat carelessly.
  • Survey the selection and find the vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins before you put anything on your plate Make 1/2 of your plate vegetables or eat these first! Fiber from veggies can help you feel full, and this can help you pass by some of the other higher calorie options.
  • Go easy on dips and dressings; however choose oil-based vinaigrettes, guacamole or hummus condiments over creamy or cheesy sauces.
  • Pick lean proteins like steak, steamed shrimp, or grilled chicken to fill a 1/4 of your plate. Skip the bun, but grab some lean steak and add in some mushrooms and onions or chicken with buffalo sauce in place of cheesesteak or fried wings with blue cheese dressing.
  • To satisfy a sweet tooth, select fruit as your dessert. Or, if something that is loaded with calories catches your eye, try to keep it to a single portion or small sample. Savor it in your mouth before swallowing, and put the food or utensil down between bites.

If none of the items suggested above will be part of the menu, be proactive. Bring or prepare some of these better options so you know you will have choices to fall back on - others will appreciate it, too!

Looking for heart healthy recipes to make for your party? Check out our Pinterest Board!

Recipes for the Big Football Game

Do you have any additional health tips you follow during game day? Who are you cheering for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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