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Choosing a Certified Nurse Midwife for Prenatal Care and Delivery

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If you're interested in a low-intervention or natural birth experience, highlighted by a holistic and family-oriented approach to care, you may choose a certified nurse midwife for prenatal care and delivery.

Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center provides access to highly trained certified nurse midwives who support the birthing woman and family during labor and delivery.

Following the same prenatal and ultrasound testing guidelines as OB-GYN physicians, midwives encourage women to create a birth experience that reflects their wants and needs. When it's time to welcome a baby into the world, midwives support patients through labor and delivery in the beautiful, home-like environment of the VIA Maternity Center.

Empowering patients with information

"We are advanced practice nurses who offer the same standard of care as an OB-GYN, with a time-intensive, family-oriented, holistic approach to wellness," says JoAnne Ruth, CNM. This includes:

  • Care for physical and emotional needs
  • Time for in-depth conversations
  • Recommendations for natural remedies for common discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Personalized, family-focused care
  • Breastfeeding support

"We have the knowledge and experience to care for normal, healthy pregnant women, and we collaborate with our OB-GYN physician team to care for patients with higher risk, such as diabetes and high blood pressure," says JoAnne. "For example, if a patient chooses our practice for the personalized, time-intensive care we offer, but knows she will be having a Cesarean delivery, our physician associates perform the Cesarean and we are present, assisting the physician and supporting our patient. It's the best of both worlds."

About Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center

Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center is rated among the best in the region for maternity care with services available for every stage of pregnancy through the birth experience. The VIA Maternity Center features a 32-bed maternity unit that includes 9 labor, delivery & recovery rooms, 22 private post-partum rooms, and a Level II NICU staffed by CHOP neonatologists.

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