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Coping with Loss During the Holiday Season

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Losing a loved one is always difficult and the holiday season brings about a roller coaster of emotions. Celia M. R. Blum, MSW, LSW, Doylestown Health Hospice bereavement coordinator will co-facilitate an upcoming virtual seminar with guest speaker, psychiatrist Barry Kaplan, MD, to help families navigate the challenges of the upcoming holiday season. They encourage families to seek support and utilize the resources in the Doylestown Health community.

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, from 3 to 5 pm, Celia and Dr. Kaplan will lead: “Coping with the Holidays: Tackling the Challenges of New Loss.” The seminar is open to anyone in the community who is grieving and is seeking additional support during this time. During the workshop, participants will receive practical tips and strategies on how to survive the holidays while also identifying and creating opportunities to remember and honor those that have passed.

“The holiday season is stressful in general,” says Celia. “When someone loses a loved one, it really alters how we feel and how we look at the holidays. It’s bittersweet.” Celia hopes that participants will gain an understanding that there is no right or wrong way to observe the holiday season, whether embracing new traditions or preserving how holidays were celebrated in the past. “For this year, how you acknowledge the holidays, participate in the holidays and care for yourself – is up to you,” says Celia. “It’s OK to make changes. It’s OK to redefine the holidays this year. Make it something that is more comfortable and meaningful for you and your family.”

Celia also admits, “The holidays do not have to be ‘all or nothing.’ We recommend that individuals plan ahead, as difficult as that might be. Planning ahead allows you to have something in place and although the ‘plan’ might change, individuals might feel better having a bit of control in the decisions and choices at hand.”

The seminar will also address the importance of self-care during the holiday season and the impact of COVID-19 on our choices and plans.

For questions on Doylestown Health bereavement support programs and services or to register for the seminar, call 215.345.2079 or email

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