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Delivering A Personalized Birth Experience

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Victoria Maternity Patient Story

Moms will tell you — Doylestown Health delivers a phenomenal birth experience, featuring personalized care and support from start to finish.

From a first-time mother to the mother of a preemie who required round-the-clock neonatal intensive care, hear from patients who recount the peace of mind and expertise they found at the VIA Maternity Center.

Victoria's Story: First-Time Mom, Extraordinary Care

The thought of going into labor can be stress-provoking, especially for first-time moms like Victoria Miller of Telford, Pennsylvania. Childbirth classes offered excellent preparation, but, for Victoria, nothing could compare to the support she received from her obstetrician, Carolyn Ianeri, DO, medical director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and nurses as she and her husband welcomed their son Joel Thomas into the world.

"I was having pain in the middle of the night, so I called Dr. Ianieri, and she called back immediately to talk me through it. The nurses anticipated my needs and advocated for me, and the team respected my decisions and guided me though the whole experience. My anxiety just melted away."

Victoria's Story: First-Time Mom, Extraordinary Care

Amy's Story: Advanced Care for High-Risk Mom

Amy Spadafore's blood pressure was very elevated from previous readings when her obstetrician Scott Dinesen, DO, sent her to Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center. Admitted for pre-eclampsia, Amy of Salford Township, Pennsylvania, gave birth four weeks and four days early. Her son, a preemie, spent 10 days in the Intensive Care Nursery.

Because every birth experience is unique, the Maternity Center is equipped and ready to help families with higher than normal risk related to multiple births, maternal age and medical risk factors. Our Level II Intensive Care Nursery is staffed 24/7 by neonatologists from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and an experienced nursing team.

"We were incredibly cared for," said Amy, adding, "As hard as it was, it was the best experience. They put time and energy into our questions and helped shape us as parents to a premature baby — as simple as showing us how to change a diaper on someone so tiny. I felt an enormous amount of love and believed the nurses were very protective of our son."

Jaclyn's Story: A Low-Intervention Birth Experience

For women interested in a low intervention or natural birth experience, the VIA Maternity Center provides access to highly skilled, certified nurse midwives who provide experienced prenatal care, and guidance and support for the birthing woman and family during labor and delivery.

When Jaclyn Jones of Jamison, Pennsylvania, gave birth to her fourth child, Grace, Jaclyn's certified nurse midwife, Allison Burdulis, CNM, MSN, delivered a casual and comfortable experience. "The atmosphere was very loving and calm — something I really wanted for my pregnancy." While in labor, Jaclyn talked with her husband as they watched snow fall from the warm, secure setting of her private room.

"The midwives understood what I was going through, and I appreciated that they supported my decision to have an epidural," says Jaclyn, "They were with me every step of the way."

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About Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center

Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center is rated among the best in the region for maternity care with services available for every stage of pregnancy through the birth experience. The VIA Maternity Center features a 32-bed maternity unit that includes 9 labor, delivery & recovery rooms, 22 private post-partum rooms, and a Level II NICU staffed by CHOP neonatologists.

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