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Doylestown Health Celebrates Bicentennial of Doylestown Township

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Doylestown Bicentennial

Doylestown Health is proud to be a sponsor of the Bicentennial and commemorate our hometown's 200th birthday.

The year 2018 is a very special one for Doylestown Township. Our wonderful hometown celebrates its Bicentennial and 200 years of continued growth and community spirit. The township motto, "Preserving the Past. Embracing the Future," conveys a sentiment important to Doylestown Health. We honor our long history in Doylestown, and plan to remain an indispensible part of our community for many years to come.

Our roots date back to 1923 when the Village Improvement Association (VIA) of Doylestown helped establish the original Doylestown Emergency Hospital in Doylestown Borough. The hospital, along with the community, continued to grow and the relocation to West State Street in 1975 marked the beginning of a new chapter in our history.

Other members of Doylestown Health also call the township home. They include Pine Run Retirement Community, Pine Run Health Center and Pine Run Lakeview Personal Care.

Through the years Doylestown Health has enjoyed a collegial relationship with township leaders who have supported our mission to provide the highest quality health care to our community.

The Township, with the support of local residents, organizations and businesses, is planning to make the Bicentennial a year-long celebration for local families and friends. Doylestown Health is proud to be a sponsor. The Bicentennial Committee is organizing a full slate of exciting events and activities for everyone from young families to seasoned history buffs.

All birthdays require a bash, and the Bicentennial is no different. The Gala at the Doylestown Country Club on January 6th marked the beginning of the celebration.

Other planned events include:

  • William Edgar Geil History Evening at Delaware Valley University in March
  • Bicentennial float in the Memorial Day Parade
  • Highland Farms (home of Oscar Hammerstein) History and Music event in July
  • Special Veterans Day event in November
  • Dedication of a time capsule at the new township building in December

The township is also planning to plant 200 oak trees in our local parks, and is holding a flag design contest with a $1,000 prize.

Join Doylestown Health in commemorating this special moment in history. We'll be gearing up for another important milestone as we look ahead to 2023 – Doylestown Health's 100th anniversary.

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