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Doylestown Health Joins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson

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Doylestown, PA – The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson and Doylestown Health created an affiliation that combines the expertise of a leading academic medical center and a community health system with a reputation for delivering quality health care.

As the newest member of the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson, Doylestown Health will have enhanced access to research studies, medical education, cancer screenings and administrative resources at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson. In collaboration with their Doylestown Health physicians, patients will also have access to programs unique to the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson, including Tele-Health, the Senior Adult Oncology Program and Precision Medicine which includes advanced genetic analysis used in determining treatment courses. The affiliation means local access to medical expertise and advanced research for patients, unique to the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson organization.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to join forces with our partners at Doylestown, working together to provide the most advanced cancer care for patients in the region," shares Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Director, Karen Knudsen, PhD. "We appreciate the importance and positive impact of being treated close to home - through this partnership, we will expand options for patients battling cancer, from increased access to cutting edge therapies to best of care plans available in our collective health systems."

"Doylestown Health's participation with Jefferson's SKCN will provide our patients with even more resources, including access to clinical trials, expert second opinions and the latest information in the field of cancer genetics," added Eileen Engle, MD, Medical Director of the oncology network for Doylestown Health.

"The relationship between Jefferson Health and Doylestown Hospital extends five years, when the hospital became a member of the Jefferson Neurosciences Network," says Matthew Carabasi, M.D., Senior Director of Strategic Oncology Partnerships at Jefferson Health. "Since that partnership, there have been other collaborations, both formal and informal, including strong clinical linkages among members of the Jefferson and Doylestown medical staffs for many years."

"Doylestown Health's continuous pursuit of excellence has earned us national recognition for the high quality and exceptional value we provide to our patients," said Jim Brexler, President and CEO of Doylestown Health. "This new affiliation with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network expands the breadth of advanced medicine that the Doylestown Health Cancer Institute makes available to our patients close to home.

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network was founded in 1993 with the mission to bring advanced treatments to patients through partnerships with outstanding health care institutions. The concept has further expanded to include helping partners, like Doylestown Health, provide the highest level of support for patients and their families at the time of diagnosis, during treatment and after recovery.

"Our commitment at Jefferson Health is to bring the very best in cancer care closer to a patient's home," says President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Stephen Klasko, M.D., M.B.A. "This unique partnership is transformative for communities that Doylestown Hospital serves so well, and allows patients and doctors to access all of the unique care and research from the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center."

"The Doylestown Health medical community has a long history of clinical integration to improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve," said Scott Levy, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. "In partnership with Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network we look forward to building on our strong and successful oncology program with the additional resources and expertise augmented by Jefferson."

About Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

A leading center for practice-changing discovery and comprehensive cancer treatment, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center of the Thomas Jefferson University has been known as a Designated Center by the National Cancer Institute since 1996, and is one of only 69 institutions in the nation to hold this prestigious recognition. SKCC is committed to delivering the most advanced, personalized cancer care, made possible through their scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in detecting and treating cancer. SKCC provides access to advanced clinical trials and novel treatment strategies throughout the Greater Delaware Valley, realized through our integral sites in Center City Philadelphia, Abington, Aria, and the comprehensive, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Network. Routinely ranked amongst the top hospitals for cancer care in the United States by US News & World Report, the multi-disciplinary teams at SKCC bring together specialists for treatment planning, which results in some of the highest survival rates in the nation.

About Doylestown Health Cancer Institute

Doylestown Health Cancer Institute offers patients the quality care they expect from a leader in cancer diagnosis and treatment - close to home. Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, and a member of Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network, our board-certified physicians and oncology-certified practitioners provide comprehensive, coordinated care and services for the full range of cancer diagnoses including breast, lung, urologic, gastrointestinal and other cancers.

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