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Healing Over the Holidays: Attention Wound Care Patients

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Consistent wound care is critical, no matter the time of the year.

Patients with chronic wounds require regular, predictable medical oversight and treatment to maintain their path toward healing. Unfortunately, factors such as vacations, travel, family obligations, provider vacations and reduced transportation availability can derail even the most dedicated wound care patient. The winter holidays especially can present unique challenges that wound care patients must plan for in advance to stay healthy.

Holiday Impact on Inpatient Admissions

Analysis of claims data from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) suggests that skipping wound care visits increases the risk of the patient being admitted into the hospital.*

Research also shows that there are noticeable spikes in January of the overall number of wound care patients admitted in a given month. This stands to reason because, as research shows, the percentage of patients that quit treatment for non-medical reasons is typically highest in December, averaging a rate of 10.0 % versus 8.9 % for the remaining months of the year.*

Continue Wound Treatment as Scheduled During the Holidays

Avoid being admitted to the hospital in the New Year! Wound care patients and their loved ones must focus on helping patients keep their appointments with as few disruptions as possible.

Learn more about Doylestown Health's Wound Care Center

Healing Over the Holidays Sock Drive

When a diabetic foot ulcer is treated early, a patient has an improved chance of avoiding amputation. We know that one of the best tools to prevent foot ulcers is clean, dry cotton socks. This holiday season, Doylestown Health would like to give back to the community by collecting new, packaged, white, cotton socks to donate to the Bucks County Housing Group shelter.

We are collecting sock donations at the Wound Care Center on the first floor of Doylestown Hospital through Friday, December 27, 2019.

*Healogics® Wound Care Centers®

Doylestown Health's Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine

Doylestown Health's Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine is an award- winning, state-of-the-art facility that expertly treats all types of non-healing wounds using individualized plan of care customized to the patient's specific healing goals, such as reducing time away from work and returning to normal activities. The team at Doylestown Health is able to heal even the most chronic types of wounds using advanced therapies that include negative pressure, bio-engineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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