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Healthy Alternatives to Salty Snacks

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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Can't seem to shake your salty cravings? On average, most Americans consume 3,400 milligrams of sodium each day, which is almost double the recommended amount, according to the American Heart Association.

"For most people, too much sodium – a mineral in salt – can have a negative effect on your blood pressure, heart, or kidneys," says Doylestown Health nutrition therapist, Kristin Morrow, RD, LDN, CDE. "If you're choosing a packaged snack, look for items that contain 140 mg sodium or less per serving."

Limiting your savory indulgences doesn't have to be hard. Try these five healthy treats to keep your appetite at bay.

Nuts and Seeds

Adding unsalted nuts and seeds to your diet in moderation can be a great way to combat your salty cravings. Although they are high in fat and calories, nuts and seeds are great sources of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, and fiber.

Kale Chips

You don't have to deprive yourself of the crunchy, salty goodness of potato chips, just try using kale instead. This creative alternative is not only guilt-free, but also gives you the benefits of nutrient-dense, leafy greens.


With a sprinkle of seasoning, this green bean is full of protein that will keep you fuller, longer. Not only is it a natural, low-calorie option, but edamame also does not contain gluten or cholesterol and is a fantastic source of iron and calcium.


Looking for a new snack option? Try the nutrient-rich, protein-packed benefits of hummus. This tasty treat will not only supply you with multiple antioxidants from chickpeas, but it will also help to curb excessive snacking and balance blood sugar levels.


A great source of fiber, popcorn can also be a healthy snack alternative to salty potato chips. By choosing varieties with little or no butter, popcorn can be a great substitute to your typical salty cravings.

Most of the sodium that we consume does not come from the salt that we add to foods, but the packaged and processed foods that we eat. Stick to reasonable portion sizes, check nutrition labels on the back of your foods to make sure they are low in sodium, and limit the amount of processed foods in your diet to keep your body heart healthy.

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