Healthy Living Set to Make a Splash at Pine Run

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Pine Run Villagers are enjoying an array of amenities in the new community Hub, including fresh dining options and activity venues. Coming later this year, Villagers will enjoy the addition of an expansive aquatic and fitness center, perfect for aquatic classes or swimming laps, and a spacious and contemporary new auditorium boasting entertainment for all to enjoy.

Learn how Pine Run's natural setting is ideal for those looking to stay active, and shape their future health and wellbeing.

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About Pine Run

Owned and operated by Doylestown Health, Pine Run is a progressive, resident-focused community that is full of vitality and enthusiasm and promotes independence and wellness among its Villagers and Residents. Pine Run offers a full continuum of services at state-of-the-art facilities in Doylestown, PA, including a retirement community with independent living units on 42 acres of land (the Village); a skilled nursing facility and personal care facility (the Health Center), and a personal care facility on a separate campus in Doylestown (Lakeview). Thriving for over 35 years, Pine Run attracts exceptional people whose energies enhance life for everyone in the community.

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Village Improvement Association of Doylestown (VIA)
Designing Healthy Communities

Since the beginning, the women of the VIA have personified caring leadership, designing innovative ways to meet the changing healthcare needs of the community.

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