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How an Unplugged Vacation Can Benefit Your Heart

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How an Unplugged Vacation Can Benefit Your Heart

Within the past few years, technology has taken over people's lives. Today, many people are so dependent on their devices that it is hard to imagine what life would be like without the technology that consumes our attention. Whether we are at home or in a workplace, it seems as if we are always immersing ourselves in some sort of technology, be it a cell phone, tablet or computer. Have you ever thought about "unplugging" from technology for a certain amount of time? The truth is, "detoxing" from your devices while taking a vacation can be beneficial to your heart health. Read on to learn more about why an "unplugged" vacation can benefit your heart health.

Reduces Unnecessary Stress

While on vacation, the last thing most people feel like doing is worrying about work. Checking work emails or having work-related phone calls while on vacation can most definitely increase your stress level. Establish expectations before leaving for some well-deserved rest and relaxation by telling your co-workers that you will not have access to your work email while you are away. If you are on vacation, why would you want to worry about work? Forsaking your email for the time that you are away will reduce the unnecessary stress that may occur as a result of being reminded of the work you have temporarily set-aside.

Better Night's Sleep

Not having to worry about your cell phone, or any other type of technological device while on vacation, can lead to a great night of sleep. To avoid temptation and improve the quality of your precious time away, it might be best to leave your devices at home. While some people might find it unthinkable to abandon their devices, the quality of the vacation will be much better without the worry that technology can arouse. Imagine not worrying about Facebook or responding to a co-worker's email! Even the thought of it can make your night's sleep so much better!

Enjoy Leisure Time

While on vacation, especially a family vacation, it is best to embrace the world around you and not worry about technology. Whether lying on the beach or by the pool, or traveling to a place you have never been, it is much more satisfying to talk to your family, meet new people, and explore wherever you are. Vacations are special to most people, and if you are on a device for the majority of the time, you are not fully embracing your trip. Relax and enjoy, without the use of your portable devices!

Better Attitude

Not having to worry about your devices can adjust your attitude and improve your mood! Lots of times, a cell phone equals stress. Seeing certain posts or reading work emails can cause worry or lead to feelings of jealousy. Enjoying your vacation to the fullest potential is possible by keeping your phone off for the entire time away!

Get Active

Using technology demands that you stop moving, even for a few minutes. Being distracted by your cell phone can lead to laziness and keep us from getting up and out! While on vacation, there are usually attractions and activities that require healthy physical movement. Being physically active while on vacation, especially as a family, can not only be fun, but can also get you physically active, strengthen relationships and create memories that last a lifetime!

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