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Living Well Through Meditation

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Pine Run Patient Story

Living well and participating in healthy activities is part of every day at Pine Run Retirement Community, owned and operated by Doylestown Health.

Focusing on the "Now"

Pine Run Retirement Community's Thursday morning meditation class helps its residents, fondly known as "Villagers," discover new levels of contentment. "Finding acceptance and peace through meditation is a priceless gift," says Nancy Pellegrini, LCSW, facilitator of the enthusiastic group of 62- to 92-year-old Villagers who participate in the program.

Villager Bob Trepeta sees the group as a great social outlet that helps him slow down and enjoy the moment. "I'm learning to try to not be such a Type-A personality. I hope more men in our community join the group to slow down and gain clarity."

Kathy Achorn, a Villager relatively new to Pine Run, recognizes that "silence is a rare commodity in this world." Says Kathy: "When I meditate I'm totally focusing on 'now' – for the ultimate realization that I am alive and breathing, one moment at a time."

Villager Janet Galloway came to Pine Run from out-of-state in the midst of dramatic life changes following the loss of her beloved husband. The meditation group is helping Janet find comfort with others who have experienced similar challenges. "The breathing techniques we're learning help take me to a place of inner peace and harmony," she says.

Living Well at Pine Run

Living well and participating in healthy activities is part of every day at Pine Run Retirement Community, owned and operated by Doylestown Health. A Doylestown tradition for nearly 40 years, Pine Run Retirement Community places a strong emphasis on holistic wellness, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The 43-acre campus offers an abundance of opportunities to connect with nature and is located just four miles away from Doylestown's delightful town center filled with unique merchants and restaurants.

For more information about Pine Run Retirement Community or to schedule a tour, call 800-992-8992.

About Pine Run

Owned and operated by Doylestown Health, Pine Run is a progressive, resident-focused community that is full of vitality and enthusiasm and promotes independence and wellness among its Villagers and Residents. Pine Run offers a full continuum of services at state-of-the-art facilities in Doylestown, PA, including a retirement community with independent living units on 42 acres of land (the Village); a skilled nursing facility and personal care facility (the Health Center), and a personal care facility on a separate campus in Doylestown (Lakeview). Thriving for over 35 years, Pine Run attracts exceptional people whose energies enhance life for everyone in the community.

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