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Morel Family Foundation Investment Enhances Medical Imaging, Supporting Every Facet of Patient Care

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A leadership investment in One Vision: The Campaign for Doylestown Health will make patients more comfortable during an MRI scan that takes less time, while improving the clinical capabilities of Doylestown Hospital.

The Morel Family Foundation's contribution underwrites the state-of-the art MR Philips Ingenia Ambition X 1.5T MR scanner recently placed in service at Doylestown Hospital. It is one of only 10 installed in North America to date.

Among the salient, patient-centric features are decreased scan times by up to 50 percent, reduced noise and an immersive visual experience that gives patients control over the environment.

The new MRI also provides clinical capabilities that improve efficiency while reducing re-scans, giving clinicians high-quality diagnostic images to support the increasingly complex and specialty care delivered by Doylestown Hospital physicians.

"I chose to make a gift that will have a big impact for every patient, especially those who have trouble tolerating long studies," said Don Morel, retired CEO of West Pharmaceutical Services. "Radiology supports orthopedics, women's health, general surgery – every facet of patient care.

"Doylestown is unique for a hospital in a community setting, and the diagnostics there are proof you can get high-quality care close to home, not just at academic medical centers."

According to William Corse, DO, MRI Medical Director, the latest technology improves both patient satisfaction and clinical excellence.

"The speed of this particular MRI scanner shortens the time patients need to hold their breath as well as the time patients spend in the MRI," Dr. Corse said. "Pediatric and geriatric patients will especially benefit. At the same time, this new technology enhances diagnostic capabilities today while providing a pathway to future clinical demands as the art and science of medicine continue to evolve."

The Ingenia Ambition X scanner has technological features, such as a fully-sealed magnet that uses only a small fraction of liquid helium to cool it, that also improves efficiency and speeds throughput. Taken together, this latest technology enables more patients to be scanned in less time and reduces lengthy and costly disruptions in service.

The newest MRI is the third in operation at Doylestown Hospital, and complements a suite of medical imaging technology that includes Computed Tomography (CT), positron emission topography (PET), 3-D mammography, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology, ultrasound and X-ray.

About Doylestown Health

Doylestown Health is a comprehensive healthcare system of inpatient, outpatient and wellness education services connected to meet the health needs of all members of the local and regional community. Doylestown Hospital, the flagship to Doylestown Health has 232 beds and a Medical Staff of more than 435 physicians in over 50 specialties. An independent nonprofit health system, Doylestown Health is dedicated to providing innovative, patient-centered care for all ages.

About ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health

Doylestown Health is beginning a bold new chapter as we approach our second century of healthcare delivery. To honor our centennial, Doylestown Health has launched an ambitious $75 million comprehensive campaign, ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health to elevate the patient experience to new heights and unlock our full potential to deliver exceptional care.

Philanthropic support of ONE VISION: The Campaign for Doylestown Health will fund transformational renovation and expansion across the Doylestown Hospital and Pine Run campuses and will help chart the course for the next generation of patients, providers, and technology. For more information, visit the Doylestown Health Foundation website or call 215.345.2009.

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