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New 3T MRI: Better Images, Better Patient Experience

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DOYLESTOWN – Doylestown Hospital's new 3T MRI offers the most advanced MRI technology available, while also improving patient experience with innovative features.

Physicians and advanced practitioners had the opportunity to see why at a recent open house event.

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to create pictures of organs and structures inside the body. Doylestown Hospital's 3T MRI has double the magnet strength of older machines, which results in the highest image quality available.

"We have acquired the very best magnet and most sophisticated software available that allows us to capture even the most intricate images, such as nerve fibers of the brain," said Doylestown's MRI Medical Director William Corse, DO. "We get clearer, sharper, faster images and that translates into better care."

Along with neurological images, the 3T MRI will be used for spinal, orthopedic, cardiac and abdominal imaging and more. It can be used for everything from imaging tiny structures in the finger to a complete body scan.

"The number of clinical questions we can answer with this technology has increased dramatically," said Dr. Corse. In addition to outstanding image quality, the Philips 3T MRI with Ambient Experience offers patients several features that help make the exam more relaxing and less stressful, even for those with claustrophobia issues.

Patients can choose from a variety of themes for their sound and lighting. For instance, images of a tropical island are projected onto the wall while the room is bathed in soothing blue light and calming music. There are special options for children.

Doylestown Hospital is one of the only health care facilities in the region that offers the 3T MRI with Ambient Experience from Philips Healthcare.

In addition to special lighting, animation and sound, other patient-friendly features include:

  • Larger opening: A 20% larger opening than other machines, with the capability for many exams to be performed feet-first
  • Faster exams: Diagnostic exams can be completed in as little as 10 minutes
  • Child-friendly: Many exams can be completed with the child’s head outside of the scanner, and a parent can stay in the room.

The 3T MRI is located in a new suite in the hospital's ArtWalk, which is easily accessible from the parking garage and is connected to the main hospital building.

"We've gone to great lengths to ensure the whole MRI suite environment is as comfortable for the patients as possible," said Michael Schweikert, director of the MRI program at Doylestown Hospital. "Our staff is very sensitive to patients who may be anxious or have special needs."

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