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New Community Center Gives Vibrant Villagers a New Hub

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The Villagers at Pine Run are already among the most active retirees around, and soon they will enjoy a beautiful, new two-story Community Center, known as the "Hub" that is planned to be as dynamic as they are.

"While our Villagers enjoy an ever-expanding menu of activities and amenities, the new 'Hub' will offer a central location with versatile and unique spaces," explains Cathleen Stewart, executive director of Pine Run Retirement Community. "We are so excited to be able to provide this lively center to our residents and to give them even more choices to be active."

Pine Run Groundbreaking

The new, centrally-located Hub will feature a welcoming front entrance, panoramic views and design elements consistent with Bucks County tradition, including stone and lots of natural light.

New Dining Venues

"Pine Run is known as a haven for the arts, and now will be a haven for the culinary arts," says Maria Santangelo, senior director of Villager Services. With two indoor dining galleries featuring water views, two outdoor dining venues overlooking the pond, and a café, Villagers will have more places to host family, friends and clubs. As another exciting feature, the new dining venues will also offer cuisine from around the world and guest chefs.

Fitness Center with Indoor Pool

Pine Run's popular fitness center will be larger, with all new equipment, plenty of space for classes, an indoor pool and a locker room with a private changing area. Pine Run Villagers and the fitness center's experienced trainers are looking forward to having a beautiful, well-equipped fitness area in a central location on campus.

New Classrooms, Auditorium and Stage

New classrooms will provide ample space for popular programs, such as Keep on Learning, which features guest experts who highlight topics including history, music, nature and health in interesting ways. The large auditorium will allow for expanded entertainment opportunities and a new location for old favorites such as Saturday evening movies.

Ready to Dive In − Fun and Fitness at the Pool

There can be no doubt about what Villager Polly Wanner is most looking forward to enjoying in the new Community Center. "I'm a water girl," enthuses Polly. "I enjoy swimming because it exercises the entire body. It is healthy and refreshing, and each time I leave the pool my world feels a little brighter!"

"I am very excited about having a pool here at Pine Run! Experts encourage seniors to exercise, and I feel the pool will offer great opportunities for fitness and fun while also creating opportunities for new activities and camaraderie," says Polly, who is already thinking: "water tai chi to help with body control and balance, and water aerobics to help build muscles." She is also hoping to initiate water games, such as Newcomb, a game similar to volleyball. Polly feels that happenings at the pool will open doors for all Villagers, especially new members of the Pine Run community, to connect and make friends.

A Place for Family, A Place to Learn

Pine Run has proven to be the perfect choice for Norm and Jean Leister, an active pair with many interests who have 10 children and their families to keep up with. "We're looking forward to the opportunities the new dining venues will offer for us to entertain and enjoy our large family," says Norm.

As both a participant and an instructor at the Center for Learning in Retirement at Delaware Valley University, Norm sees the new Community Center as an opportunity to initiate similar classes at Pine Run. "I teach all levels of Bridge, gardening and the art of conversation," says Norm, noting that Jean is also a Bridge player, and member of Pine Run's book club."

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