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Pediatric Care: Couldn't Have Asked for Anything More

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Smolarski triplets

Doylestown Health's Della Penna Pediatric Center's board-certified pediatricians and pediatric nurses helped Nichole and Joe Smolarski's triplets get expert care, close to home.

Less than three months after Nichole and Joe Smolarski's triplets Julia, Drew and Ellie were delivered at Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center, illness struck.

"Julia got sick first, with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and then pneumonia," remembers mom Nichole of the frightening, potentially life-threatening ordeal. "She was hospitalized in Doylestown Health's new Pediatric Center so she could receive special treatment and monitoring."

"Fabulous" is the word Nichole uses to describe the care Julia received from Jason Komasz, MD, lead pediatric hospitalist and chair, department of Pediatrics, and the other staff who treated the infant. Another huge plus was the fact that Nichole was able to stay overnight with Julia in a secure, private room in the Della Penna Pediatric Center that officially opened just days after the birth of the Smolarski triplets. "I couldn't have asked for anything better," says Nichole.

While Julia was discharged after a few days, the other two babies soon became ill with the same respiratory illness. Both ultimately required hospitalization at various intervals. It was a rough two weeks for the family, but the babies soon thrived.

"Doylestown Hospital is only about a 10-minute drive for us," says Nichole. "With our other children at home (the parents have five other children), my husband and I were so grateful to get treatment for the babies right here in our own community."

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Doylestown Health is committed to providing family-centered children's services to Bucks and Montgomery County communities.  The Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center offers expert inpatient care to all ages including infants, children and teens. Della Penna Pediatric Center Services extend beyond the hospital setting to include health and wellness education, nutrition services and other support services.

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