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Renovated VIA Maternity Center Debuts

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Represents Doylestown Hospital’s Commitment to Families

The renovations to the VIA Maternity Center of Doylestown Hospital are complete, giving area families room to grow for years to come. At a time when other area maternity units have been closing, Doylestown Hospital continues to honor its commitment to the community by enhancing maternity services and continuing a tradition of excellent care for new families.

"Many hospitals in the Philadelphia area have closed their maternity units, which means women have to travel long distances to receive care," says Kathy Donahue, RNC-OB, MSN, IBCLC, RLC, Doylestown Hospital's Director of Maternal-Child Services. "It is important to us to keep new families together. We are able to care for a sick or premature baby here so parents do not have to travel to another hospital to visit their child. The family and extended family remain together to support and help the new parents. We offer the convenience of being close to home, yet provide the quality patient care our families expect."

The renovations include:

  • Beautifully renovated, all-private rooms. The 22 Post-Partum Rooms have new paint, furnishings and window treatments.
  • Expansion of the Level II Intensive Care Nursery for specialized equipment and room for family interaction
  • Newly expanded C-section suite, with two dedicated operating rooms
  • A comprehensive Prenatal Testing Center
  • Upgraded equipment in the nine Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms
  • Expansion of the well-baby nursery

About 1,300 babies are born each year at Doylestown Hospital. The VIA Maternity Center is rated among the best in the region for maternity care with services available for every stage of pregnancy through the birth experience. The center is equipped and specially prepared to care for families with higher-than-normal risk related to multiple births, maternal age and medical risk factors. The Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery is covered around the clock by CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) neonatologists and staffed by specially trained neonatal nurses.

The"VIA Maternity Center" is a name that reflects the long-standing tradition and influence women have had on healthcare services in our community. In 1923 the Village Improvement Association (VIA) of Doylestown opened the 14-bed Doylestown Emergency and Maternity Hospital in the borough of Doylestown. Ninety years later, maternity care remains a major focus for the VIA, who in 2011 made a pledge of $1 million to enhance the quality of maternity care available to the families in the community.

"We are committed, along with the help of the VIA, to continue to provide maternity and newborn care for the women in our community," adds Donahue.

Obstetric and gynecologic physicians, certified nurse midwives, nurses and support staff at Doylestown Hospital are committed to providing women with the highest quality and most advanced health care options available. This collaborative program between the Hospital and its affiliated ob/gyn physicians and midwives offers care throughout all stages of a woman’s life, from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

About Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center

Doylestown Health's VIA Maternity Center is rated among the best in the region for maternity care with services available for every stage of pregnancy through the birth experience. The VIA Maternity Center features a 32-bed maternity unit that includes 9 labor, delivery & recovery rooms, 22 private post-partum rooms, and a Level II NICU staffed by CHOP neonatologists.

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