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Trailblazing Memory Care

Categories: Senior Health
Alzheimer's Memory Care

The surge in Alzheimer's cases, which accounts for 10 percent of populations over age 651, has inspired trailblazing efforts in hospitals, personal care homes, and specialized memory care centers such as The Arbor at Lakeview, to find ways to counter the devastating effects of memory loss.

Leading the charge at Pine Run Lakeview, a personal care community, is Barbara Dumas, RN, and senior administrator, who brings decades of experience in senior living. Her passion, particularly in the area of dementia training for staff, is for building bridges between patients, families, and caregivers. Last year Dumas rolled out "Lace Curtains," a targeted training experience providing choreography and cuing recommendations that refine associate skills and help participants to be as person-centered as possible. Attendees have described the multi-sensory program as "powerful and touching."

The caregiving teams at Lakeview and The Garden see memory come alive when residents are engaged in creative pursuits such as painting, pottery, singing, dancing, or simply listening to music. "A splash of colorful paint on a brush or a cool slip of clay in the fingers works magic for our residents," says Emily Reinert, Life Enrichment Manager at The Garden. "It is amazing to see residents "wake up" and engage in more animated conversation in the art gallery. In our 'Art Without Boundaries' classes, families are moved to see the talents of their loved one reemerge." Resident art is pictured above, and displayed in our private gallery and in the public Art Walk at Doylestown Hospital.

Additionally, the lively arts are further integrated with "My Music," a personalized music program created by the activities team at The Garden at Pine Run. The technology that makes the magic happen is powered by Care Network America (CNA), a division of the Dementia Society of America, a national all-volunteer nonprofit, headquartered in Doylestown, PA. The unique and easy-to-use smartphone-based solution brings personalized music and more to our residents – delivering many moments of joy, happiness, relaxation, reflection and endless variety.

Reference: 1. Alzheimer's Association. 2017 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures.

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About Pine Run

Owned and operated by Doylestown Health, Pine Run is a progressive, resident-focused community that is full of vitality and enthusiasm and promotes independence and wellness among its Villagers and Residents. Pine Run offers a full continuum of services at state-of-the-art facilities in Doylestown, PA, including a retirement community with independent living units on 42 acres of land (the Village); a skilled nursing facility and secure memory care facility (the Health Center), and a personal care facility on a separate campus in Doylestown (Lakeview). Thriving for over 40 years, Pine Run attracts exceptional people whose energies enhance life for everyone in the community.

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