Baby Formula Shortage

In response to the current baby formula shortage: Parents are urged to seek advice from their pediatrician before making any changes. According to Jason Komasz, MD, Lead Pediatric Hospitalist, Della Penna Pediatric Center, Doylestown Hospital, parents should not dilute baby formula because it decreases the amount of nutrients for the baby, which can lead to poor growth and development. More importantly, diluting formula with milk or with water disturbs the amount of electrolytes and minerals, which can lead to medical issues such as seizures. Parents may switch between brands (same type of formula), or try a generic brand as long as it is manufactured by a reliable source, unless baby is on a highly specialized formula. Parents should use caution when buying formula from the Internet, being sure it is from well-recognized pharmacies or distributors. Parents should not use homemade formulas as it is difficult to create the right electrolyte balance and get the nutritional profile correct.