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Health Matters Explores Healthcare Careers

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Health Matters offers an inside look at health care careers today.

For those interested in a career in health care, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the types of jobs available. New technology, complex patient needs and an evolving health care landscape have led to a wide range of jobs requiring different skills and experience.

In our third episode of Season 5 of Health Matters with Doylestown Health, we take a closer look at five different health-related careers by speaking with five Doylestown Health professionals. Each guest describes the path taken to their current position, what the job entails, and suggestions for those who might be considering that career.

The episode was filmed on location at Doylestown Hospital by Central Bucks High School South media students.

Host Ashley Heidler, Doylestown Health pediatric outreach manager, conducts the interviews.

Our health care expert guests:

Samantha Blade, MSW, LSW – Social worker

Samantha is a licensed social worker and a case manager at Doylestown Hospital.

Ryan Centafont, PharmD – Pharmacist

Ryan joined Doylestown Hospital as a staff pharmacist in 2011 and is the Pharmacy Clinical Manager.

Mona Dunlap, PT, MSPT, CLT-LANA – Physical therapist

Mona is the Outpatient Clinical Lead Therapist at Doylestown Hospital. She trains and mentors all the therapists. She is also certified in lymphedema therapy, which is cancer-related swelling.

Kevin Fillmore, MD – Radiologist

Dr. Fillmore is the President of Doylestown Hospital's radiology practice (Doylestown Radiology Associates) and is the Radiation Safety Officer for Doylestown Health.

Molly McCloskey RT(R) – Radiologic technologist

Molly is a radiologic technologist who has worked at Doylestown Hospital for 15 years. As a staff technologist, she also mentors radiology students from Bucks and Montgomery community colleges.


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