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woman receiving hand therapy at Doylestown Health
We rely on our hands to interact with the world, but if overuse, injury or illness limits what we can do with them, a certified hand therapist can help.
woman sitting on exercise ball with therapist
Patients with Parkinson's disease learn rehab therapies to help them speak and move with improved function and quality of life.
Doctor in surgery
Create a legacy and leave your mark on the future of healthcare in our community by funding a charitable endowment with Doylestown Health Foundation.
Tom Ficarro | Doylestown Health
With help from the neuro rehab experts at Doylestown Health, Tom Ficarro's journey to regain his independence after a traumatic brain injury is well underway.
Dietitian Debbie Davis in the produce aisle | Doylestown Health
A popular, hands-on nutrition experience for Doylestown Health cancer patients and survivors goes virtual with an aisle-by-aisle, guided supermarket tour video.
Woman with rubber gloves and hands on hips looks at her bookshelf
Keeping your home clean and tidy has many benefits but did you realize it can help your overall health?
The Veneziale Family
After suffering a stroke, a Doylestown Health interventional cardiologist corrects the young man’s heart defect, making a complete recovery possible.
doctor shows images to patient on lap top
Doylestown Health urologists have a powerful new tool for detecting and monitoring bladder cancers.
Doylestown Health demonstrates technique using door frame
The countdown to shorts season is on! Get ready for summer with this full-body home workout and demo from Doylestown Health physical therapist Lauren Direso.
Woman on treadmill working with cardiac rehab therapist | Doylestown Health
Cardiac rehabilitation can make people healthier and save lives. Read on for specific ways it can benefit people with various forms of heart disease.
Woman in kitchen prepping salad
Start your weight loss journey today. Sign up for The Simple Weigh, Doylestown Health’s new, easy-to-follow, whole foods-based weight management program.
Man clutching chest
Chest pain is not normal and is a signal that you need emergency care. Don't delay and get medical attention right away: Call 9-1-1.