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Physical therapist works with female patient | Doylestown Health
Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common condition, but because the symptoms can be uncomfortable to discuss, many people many suffer in silence —unnecessarily.
Mother holds newborn
The national rate of C-sections is too high, say public health experts. Through innovative strategies, Doylestown Health nurses are working to change that.
The Clarks cut ribbon for Clark Outpatient Rehab Center | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Health celebrated a campaign milestone with the ribbon-cutting and dedication of the Clark Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, which opened in December
back of legs with varicose veins
Spider and varicose veins are common and unlikely to cause serious health problems, but the more advanced forms of the disease can cause chronic health issues.
woman with hands on her mid-section
Explore the pros and cons of probiotics and discover your gut microbiome - trillions of tiny organisms that help with digestion, metabolism, immunity and more.
The Zatcoff family | Doylestown Health
Pregnancy and prenatal care look different due to COVID-19 but Doylestown Health remains consistent in the high-quality care it provides for new parents.
Dr. Genevieve-Marie Santayana | Doylestown Health
Introducing a new provider to Doylestown Health Primary Care's Shady Retreat location: Genevieve Santayana, DO.

intestine diagrams
Learn about the similarities and differences of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Doylestown Health Gastroenterology offers many treatment options.
Man sitting on bed in pajamas, head in hand
The person with sleep apnea usually doesn’t know that they have the condition and can go years experiencing the damaging effects. Learn the signs and your risk.
Younger woman with hand on shoulder of older woman
Doylestown Health values our volunteers and their many contributions to the comprehensive services we provide to patients and their loved ones. 
We asked Doylestown Hospital electrophysiologist Robert Sangrigoli, MD about the connection between Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and stroke and why it's so important to recognize.
Doctor listening to little boy's heart
Get to know the new, board-certified physicians of Doylestown Health Urgent Care--compassionate experts who listen and provide quick, convenient, quality care.