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man and woman in the gym
Doylestown’s Pine Run Retirement Community has recently broadened its facilities, ensuring that every Villager residing at Pine Run has the ability to live his or her healthiest life. Suburban Life Magazine made the Pine Run Community Center expansion the feature story of its November 2019 edition.
teenage girl blowing out smoke
Our physician expert discusses the dangers of vaping in this episode of Health Matters with Doylestown Health.
sugar cubes in the shape of a heart
Diabetes disrupts the body's ability to regulate sugar. If diabetes is not treated, it can lead to serious complications that include heart disease, stroke, and kidney, eye and nerve damage. Learn the risk factors.
main in bed staring up at ceiling
A lack of quality sleep can have short- and long-term effects, impacting judgment, mood and memory. It can also create difficulty concentrating, leaving you at risk of injury at home, work and on the road. Learn how to overcome insomnia.
man clutching chest
Does your ever heart race or feel like it has skipped a beat? While it may seem like a case of the jitters, your heart thumping could actually indicate a serious health problem known as atrial fibrillation, or AFib.
MR. Philips Ingenia Ambition 1.5T | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Hospital's newest state-of-the-art MRI is one of only 10 installed in North America to date.
woman getting mammogram
Guidelines for breast cancer screening have recently changed. Read why regular mammograms remain the gold standard for detecting breast cancer early.
young girl reaching finish line
How young is too young to start running? Learn about how distance running affects kids and the appropriate age for kids to start.
Doctor holding mammography film
Doylestown Health offers an advanced form of digital mammography that can detect cancer at higher rates than traditional mammography alone. 3-D mammography, or breast tomosynthesis, provides certain patients with an additional option for detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages.
silhouette of father and young son walking
Men share a number of risk factors for breast cancer with women. There are risk factors unique to men, including never having been married, testicular issues, liver issues, and gynecomastia.
woman looking at information with her doctor
Our breast cancer expert weighs in on the findings of a study that raises questions about the treatment of early-stage breast cancer.
Woman looking at her iPhone
Doylestown Hospital offers another simple and secure way to access your medical data.