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little boy in front of window with snowy scene
Can you name 15 indoor activities your kids can do when cold weather hits and they're cooped up inside? We can!
Clark Outpatient Rehab Center (Ambulatory Center) | Doylestown Health
Located in the new Ambulatory Center on the campus of Doylestown Health, the spacious new Clark Rehabilitation connects consultation, diagnosis, intervention and treatment services with physical therapy, occupational, hand and speech therapy.
Christine Roussel, Matthew Weintraub and Scott Levy with MedReturn Box | Doylestown Health

This first for a Bucks County hospital will help prevent drug abuse and give the community a safe place to get rid of unwanted drugs.

colorful array of vegetables
There are 12 foods where buying organic matters most. According to the Environmental Working Group, the following is a list of fruits and veggies with the highest pesticide residues.

patient's foot being wrapped by medical staff
Diabetes can reduce blood flow and oxygen to a wound, especially in the feet, reducing the ability to heal. Even a minor cut or scrape can result in an infected foot ulcer that requires treatment by a wound care specialist.

vector image of intestines inside a body
"Screening via colonoscopy in particular is powerful as it not only detects colorectal cancers but also prevents it by finding polyps," said Doylestown Health colorectal surgeon Robert Akbari, MD. "No other cancer screening method I’m aware of is both diagnostic and preventative."

Dr. Robert Sangrigoli | Doylestown Health

Find out how the innovative His Bundle pacemaker technique is giving patients with irregular heartbeat a more normal, natural heartbeat.
woman clutching stomach
Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems in the United States. Constipation affects an estimated 15% of the population (some 42 million people) regardless of age, race or gender.

restroom sign
Hemorrhoids affect about 1 in 20 Americans— with about half of adults age 50 and older having experienced hemorrhoids. Find out if you have hemorrhoids that need treatment.

employees in the break room eating healthy meals
Workplace Wellness Champions are more than just a cheerleader for your corporate wellness program. They can be an important link between the health of your employees and the health of your bottom line.

marijuana plant
Doylestown Health Associate Director of Pharmacy, Christine Roussel, PharmD, BCOP, identifies important facts about medical marijuana, pros/cons, and how a patient may become certified to use.

a couple preparing salad in their kitchen
Stocking your kitchen with nutritious flavorful foods, you and your family can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Below are five ways to make your kitchen heart healthy.