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little girl and mom high-fiving
The next time you reward your child for a job well done, try out one of these healthy ideas.

doctor talking to older patient
Internal medicine physicians are primary care doctors who specialize in the care of adults. They treat patients with acute, multiple, chronic or complex conditions, overseeing and coordinating care for their patients.
Dr. Ruenes headshot | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Health urologist Albert Ruenes, Jr., MD continues his international community outreach with a clinic in Senegal that meets a critical need for health care.

children running on a sandy path
Summer means outside fun for many families. Doylestown Health experts share guidance on how to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

heart monitor app on phone
Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. Still, leading a healthy lifestyle can help control many of the risk factors for heart disease.
mom putting sunscreen on daughter
Sunburn and dehydration are two words you do not want in your sun-day, fun-day vocabulary. Here are a few things to watch out for this summer and how to keep your kids safe.

husband, wife, daughter running on the boardwalk
Have you ever thought about "unplugging" from technology for a certain amount of time? The truth is, "detoxing" from your devices while taking a vacation can be beneficial to your heart health.

muffins, cookies, chips, and other sugary snacks
It's sweet, and it's in most of the foods we eat. But sugar, especially excessive amounts, can be bad for your health. Learn more in the latest episode of Health Matters with Doylestown Health.
poison oak leaves on a tree trunk
We love being outdoors in the summer. That brings us closer to pesky plants like poison ivy, oak and sumac. Doylestown Health shares tips on prevention and treatment.

child's hand with raspberries on the tip of each finger
You are your child’s best role model for healthy living, so give your kids the gift of a healthier summer with these simple and fun activities to encourage healthy eating and fitness.
mother reading a story to daughter
Is your child getting enough sleep? Find out how much sleep your child should be getting, and the risks associated with lack of sleep in children.
vegetable platter
Are you eating too many salty snacks? Try these healthy alternatives instead!