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man sprinkling seasonings into a pot
Most people consume about 3,400 milligrams of sodium per day, which is almost triple the recommended daily amount. Skip the salt with these 8 creative alternatives.
old hands clasped in younger ones
Volunteers with Doylestown Hospital Hospice play an important role. The hospital is currently looking for more volunteers.
David Spivack | Doylestown Health
When pain was limiting his ability to play tennis, David Spivak chose Same-day Joint Replacement at Doylestown Health's Orthopedic Institute to get him back on the court.
When Joe Badome's health began to decline, his wife Tracey turned to Doylestown Hospital Hospice to help her through his end-of-life journey.

Do your kids make a beeline for the fridge the second they jump off the bus? That hectic rush of energy as your children burst through the door after school usually means a trip to the kitchen to devour whatever is in sight. Use our 5 tips to keep your kids' snacking on track!

two older women sitting in the grass touching their toes
About half of all women and a quarter of men over 50 years old will break a bone because of osteoporosis. Learn five strengthening exercises from our bone health experts.
girl peeking over table edge at frosted donut
Do you struggle with eating too many sweet and salty foods? Learn 6 ways to fight the urge!
vegetable platter
Getting your child to eat more vegetables doesn't have to be a struggle! Read these tips on how to incorporate those leafy greens into his or her daily diet.
person pouring pills into their hand
It's been declared a disaster emergency in Pennsylvania. Watch Health Matters with Doylestown Health to learn more about the opioid abuse epidemic.

Man gripping knee in pain
When joint pain affects your quality of life, it may be time to consider joint replacement surgery. Here are five signs it might be time to consider joint replacement.

Little boy on exam table with pediatrician
Choosing a pediatrician can be a bit time consuming. These five tips for choosing a pediatrician will help ensure you find just the right doctor for your child.

Cream being poured into a coffee cup
Here are four things you should stop putting in your coffee, plus healthier alternatives that will enhance your coffee’s natural flavor.