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infrared video goggles | Doylestown Health
Vertigo is the feeling that you or the world is spinning and occurs in about 9% of older adults. Thankfully, physical therapists can effectively treat it.

Short-haired woman holding yoga mat
Through innovative technology and multi-disciplinary care, Doylestown Health helps breast cancer patients live healthy, fuller lives.
On the Beach painted by Maurice Brazil Prednergast
Join Doylestown Health for our 2022 free monthly webinar series on a variety of mental health topics.
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Health’s Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help heal wounds and other conditions faster.

Barb Hebel and Pip | Doylestown Health
Animal-assisted activity dogs like Pip are back on the job, delivering a healthy dose of cuteness and joy to patients and associates at Doylestown Health.
Barbara Riley | Doylestown Health
Find out how robot-assisted hernia repair helped nurse Barbara get back to work sooner, with smaller incisions, less pain and a quicker recovery.

doctor speaking with patient
Doylestown Health Colorectal Specialists now has a new screening test to find anal cancer (and precancer) early when it's easier to treat.

Matthew Ferro with family and friend on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum | Doylestown Health
Matthew Ferro, 51, who almost lost his life to COVID-19 thanked the people who helped him at a Philadelphia fundraising event.

man with mask on sofa hugging pillow, hand on head
Pandemic-related stress has us all on edge. Find out how stress impacts your body and discover simple adjustments to help get you back on track.
three babies laying together
Doylestown Hospital delivers an average of 23 sets of twins a year. Triplets are not as common. TWO sets born during the holiday week in 2014 caused a stir!
Nurse Ashley Heidler at Sigma Biennial Convention | Doylestown Health
Ashley Heidler shared her local student mindfulness program with an international audience at a recent nurse leadership conference.
Doctor with hand on smiling female patient's shoulder
Pennsylvania residents who meet age, income and insurance requirements can receive free mammograms and follow-up diagnostics.