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Matthew Ferro with wife and care team| Doylestown Health
Matthew followed the rules and is only 51 with no underlying health conditions. But he still contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized in ICU. Here is his story.
Stan Gualtieri | Doylestown Health
Stan Gualtieri never really thought about hospital services, until a highly-skilled vascular surgeon and team saved his life in Doylestown Health’s Hybrid O.R.
Doctor using DaVinci technology | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Health surgeons are using robotic technology to perform complex procedures through smaller incisions so patients recover faster with less pain.
Woman talking with her doctor
Convenience and precision—the FDA-approved SCOUT® wire-free technology for breast tumor removal is improving patients' overall surgical experience.
Man and woman happily walking in park
About one in four Americans has arthritis. If you're one of them, you know how painful and restricting it can be. While joint replacement can be a effective solution, there's much that can be done before you get to that point.
Patient talking with nurse
Having to go through cancer treatment or major surgery can be overwhelming. Doylestown Health patient navigators are a reliable resource to help.
Doctor in discussion with male patient
Doylestown Health urologist Albert Ruenes, MD, clears up popular misconceptions about prostate cancer.
Doylestown Health at Wrightstown building
Doylestown Health Opening Specialty Center in Wrightstown
Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine Dedication | Doylestown Health
Doylestown Health celebrates a campaign milestone with the ribbon-cutting and dedication of the Clark Center for Critical Care Medicine, which opened April 19.
Jennifer Roynan
Using high definition, 3-D mapping technology, doctors discovered that Jennifer Roynan had an extra electrical connection that was causing her heart to race.
Doctor holding brain scans
Knowing how to spot stroke and calling 9-1-1 can save your life or someone else's.
Doctor listening to man's heart
Doylestown Health's pioneering cardio-oncology program seeks to mitigate risks to the heart and cardiovascular system from some cancer treatments.