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Holiday Tips for Traveling by Train, Plane or Automobile

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013

The holiday season has officially begun, so be mindful of your back before your trip turns into a pain in the neck! Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, we have tips to help you cope with pain and prevent your body from suffering.

Handling Luggage

  • Pack Light - Do your best to pack lightly and rely on a small carry-on. It's always nice to have a stock pile of outfit options, but how many outfits do you really need? Try to bring wardrobe basics so you can mix and match to lessen your load.
  • Lift With Your Legs - If you absolutely must bring heavier items, make sure you bend with your knees and crouch down to lift. Never bend with your back or at your waist! Carry any heavy luggage close to your body's center of gravity.
  • Balance the Load - When carrying items, try to evenly distribute what you carry on each side of your body. If you only have one bag, swap sides occasionally to avoid straining one side.
  • Ship It - If you are bringing presents, consider shipping them ahead of time to avoid hauling them around. That goes for your luggage, too!

Plane Pain

Airplanes are notorious for cramped and uncomfortable seats, so come prepared! Bring a small pillow for neck or lumbar support. Get up every two hours to stretch, even if it's just walking to the back of the plane. If possible, book an aisle seat for extra legroom. And remember to tilt your seat back occasionally to let your joints and muscles relax!

Cramped Cars

10-hour road trip ahead of you? We've all been there! Stop every few hours for at least five minutes to stretch and roll up a towel to place behind your back for added support. Most cars are also notorious for lack of space and back support.

Bring Hot/Cold Packs

Nowadays there are disposable hot or cold packs that provide relief within minutes of being activated. Stow it away in your purse or carry-on and bring it out when needed to relieve aching muscles.

Hydrate and Medicate

Hydrating by drinking plenty of fluids while traveling also keeps muscles happy! Make sure to bring any medications you are prescribed or purchase over the counter for the entirety of your trip.

Remember you are traveling to spend time with loved ones. Taking care of yourself only makes your time with them more enjoyable! Happy holidays and safe travels!

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