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Organ Donation Myths and Misconceptions

Thursday, Apr 03, 2014

Are you an organ donor? Have you thought about it and then never registered because of the things you may have heard about becoming an organ donor, like—they will take your organs before you have been declared deceased or hospital staff will not work as hard to save your life. Inaccuracies about organ donation have plagued and deterred people from registering. Don't let these myths and misconceptions deter you from becoming an organ donor and potentially saving up to eight lives with your donation.

Myth 1: If I'm in medical need, doctors will not try to save my life since they know I'm a registered organ donor.

Fact: Medical staff will do everything possible to save a person's life. The medical staff operates separately from transplant teams. Only after all efforts to save a person's live have been exhausted is the Gift of Life Donor Program notified.

Myth 2: I have to wait until I need to renew or get my driver's license or photo ID to register to become an organ donor.

Fact: You can sign up to become an organ and tissue donor at any time. You can now register online rather than at the DMV—and it only takes 30 seconds.

Myth 3: I heard that celebrities and famous people on the waiting list get preferential treatment.

Fact: When deciding who will receive an available organ, wealth, social status and race are not a determining factor. Recipients are selected based on blood and tissue typing, organ size, medical urgency, waiting time and geographic location.

Myth 4: My religious beliefs do not approve of organ donation.

Fact: Most organized religions support organ donation, considering it a generous act that is the individual's choice. Learn more about religion and organ donation.

Myth 5: I'm too old or not healthy enough to donate my organs.

Fact: Organs may be donated from newborns on up. Anyone can become an organ donor regardless of age or health. In fact, the oldest organ donor in the United States was 92. At the time of death it is determined whether your organs are medically suitable to donate.

Myth 6: My family will be charged for donating my organs.

Fact: It won't cost your family anything if your organs and tissue are transplanted. It is also free to sign up to be an organ donor or to have it included on your driver's license, learner's permit or photo ID. Sign up today to be an organ and tissue donor.

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Why You Should Consider Becoming an Organ Donor

By uncovering the myths of becoming an organ donor, you can see that it makes a big difference to become an organ and tissue donor and not just to one person, potentially saving 8 lives and improve the lives of up to 50 others!

Register now to become an organ donor

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