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Discover the Latest MRI Technology

Tuesday, Feb 04, 2014
Bringing You the Best Technology: New 3T MRI Scanner at Doylestown Hospital Improves Image Quality, Patient Comfort

Imagine yourself in a room bathed in calming blue light, filled with soothing music and walls covered with images of dolphins, rays and sea turtles swimming in the sea.

You’re not at the latest spa treatment – you are in the most advanced MRI diagnostic experience available - right at Doylestown Hospital.

Doylestown Hospital’s newly acquired 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system allows patients to select lighting, animation and sound to create a personalized room environment. It’s just one of the many patient-friendly features of the new MRI system, which also provides higher-quality images and shorter exam times than older machines.

A Better Patient Experience

  • Higher-quality images. Doctors are able to see tiny structures in the body even more clearly which translates to faster and better diagnosis.
  • Larger space. The machine’s 70-centimeter opening (bore) is roughly 20 percent larger than older machines.
  • Faster exams. Diagnostic exams can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Special lighting, sound and imagery. Patients choose a "theme" that includes lighting, animation and soothing music, with special themes for children. Or, they can select colored lighting and music from an iTunes music library.
  • Child-friendly. Many exams can be completed with the child’s head outside of the scanner, this plus a shorter scan-time and the ability to have the parent in the room, create a better experience for children.

Watch and learn how this advanced MRI benefits patients

To schedule an appointment, call 215-345-2600, or to learn more visit the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) website.

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