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Monday, Mar 31, 2014
It's late at night. Your child has a high fever and just doesn't seem to be himself. He won't stop coughing and has been complaining of a painful sore throat. Should you bring him to the Emergency Department?

Lawrence Brilliant, MD, chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine of Doylestown Hospital, says it’s time to rely on what he calls "mommy sense."

"You know your child best. If you think something is just not right, and if it is a time of day when you cannot pick up the phone to call your family doctor, you should probably go to the Emergency Department," says Dr. Brilliant.

How Does an Emergency Department Differ From Other Urgent Care Options?

Dr. Brilliant knows that sometimes what seems like a minor complaint to the untrained eye can become very serious, very quickly. "If a problem turns out to be serious, we have the staff and the equipment right here to take care of it," says Dr. Brilliant.

Doylestown Hospital’s board-certified emergency medicine physicians have ready access to all of the hospital’s specialists, technology and equipment. The team of caregivers also includes dedicated physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nursing staff. All of Doylestown Hospital’s diagnostic tools, from the lab to advanced diagnostic imaging services including low-dose CT, are available onsite.

Drs. Brilliant and Foley discuss their expert team and the advanced services available in the Doylestown Hospital Emergency Department

Doylestown Hospital Emergency Department At a Glance

  • About 45,000 patient visits per year, nearly 20 percent are admitted to the hospital
  • More than 7,500 pediatric visits per year
  • New facility opened in 2010 with 39 private treatment rooms, each with private bathroom, flat-screen TV and wireless internet access
  • Accredited Woodall Chest Pain Center to quickly assess and treat patients with chest pain
  • Specialized pediatric rooms and equipment
  • Specialized critical care rooms
  • Children and family waiting area
  • Advanced imaging services available including 3T MRI and Low-dose CT scanner

Top 10 Reasons Patients Visit Our ED

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Breathing Problems
  • Chest Pain
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Mental Health Changes
  • Stroke Related Symptoms
  • Injury or Fall
  • Muscular or Skeletal Complaints
  • Skin Problems

Source: Emergency Department of Doylestown Hospital

About the Emergency Department of Doylestown Hospital

The Doylestown Hospital Emergency Department is staffed by certified emergency physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, registered nurses and patient care technicians. They are dedicated to teamwork in a state-of-the-art facility that opened in April 2010. With 39 private treatment areas, two critical care suites and a designated pediatric/minor acute care area, the ED is equipped to handle any emergency while offering patients and their families complete confidentiality and comfort. The ED was recognized with a Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award in 2013 for consistently high levels of patient satisfaction. Visit the Emergency Department of Doylestown Hospital for more information.

About Doylestown Health

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