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Fun For a Cause Second Annual Nurses Fashion Show a Big Hit

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The event showcased the camaraderie of Doylestown Hospital's physician and nursing teams.

James Kmetzo, MD didn't stop working all night. Not as a cardiologist, but as a waiter.

Again and again, he circulated through the crowd with drinks and appetizers, looking to score tips. By the end of the night, Dr. Kmetzo's tip jar had been filled several times over with bills.

All of the physicians who acted as waiters at the second annual Nurses Fashion Show worked hard for their tips. And while the evening was full of fun and good humor, sight of the cause was never lost: the support of Doylestown Hospital nurses seeking higher education.

"Teamwork is key, so helping out with a key fundraiser is something I strongly support," said Dr. Kmetzo.

The May 6th event held at the Bucks County Designer House in Doylestown was a great way to kick off National Nurses Week. The Medical Staff sponsored the event to honor and support their nursing colleagues. The fashion show featured nurses sporting clothing with their alma mater's logo.

Funds raised directly benefit the Doylestown Hospital Nursing Scholarship Fund to support the education of Doylestown's nurses. These dedicated caregivers routinely receive high marks in patient satisfaction surveys for their listening and communication skills.

All scholarships are awarded to nurses seeking a Bachelor of Science-Nursing (BSN) degree. Doylestown Hospital encourages nurses to seek the BSN to meet the ever-changing demands of their profession.

Through the generosity of Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall, the hospital established a scholarship program more than 10 years ago. At this year's event, the Woodalls again gave generously with a gift of $20,000.

The physician-waiters pulled in over $1,100 in tips – more than twice the amount raised last year. The competition was stiff as physicians competed for gold, silver and bronze medals. Steven Guidera, MD, narrowly bested last year's winner, Mary Ellen Pelletier, MD, who came in second this time around.

"We have an outstanding group of nurses here at Doylestown and supporting them in furthering their education is important. The event allows physicians to "serve" the nurses and put the focus on them," said Dr. Pelletier. "It also shows great camaraderie among the doctors and nurses and lets each group see the other in a different light outside of the hospital. Hearing and seeing how much the scholarships mean to the recipients makes it worthwhile to participate. I'll be back next year!"

Event rookie Dr. Kmetzo finished a respectable third. He plans to return next year to raise even more funds.

Added Dr. Kmetzo: "We are being held to a high standard and the we and the hospital raise the bar high. Nurses teach me things every day when I receive a report from them about my patients. And in return, we as physicians should do all we can to keep the skill/education level high for those we entrust our patients to. We rely on the nurses' judgment to assess the patient intelligently and give a sound opinion to us so when we are well informed when we make important clinical decisions."

If you'd like to make a tax-free donation to the Nursing Scholarship Fund, contact Garrett Owen, Director of Donor Relations at 215-345-2802 or

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