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Service Awards Recognize Decades of Dedication

Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

Doylestown Hospital celebrates its Associates each year and thanks them for their dedicated service. This year, several Associates celebrated 40 years at Doylestown Hospital.

It's a popular event. The annual Service Awards Dinner brings together Doylestown Hospital Associates and Administration for a night of dinner and dancing. But there's more going on than a good time.

"The Service Awards are our way of thanking our Associates for making Doylestown Hospital the outstanding organization it is," said Jim Brexler, President and CEO of Doylestown Hospital. "This incredible group of people has spent years striving for excellence and strengthening the team. They share a common goal of making our patients and their families feel comfortable and confident in their care. And they take pride in their work. It shows every day."

In the United States, workers usually stay at a job an average of 4.6 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The service awards dinner recognizes Associates who have worked five or more years at Doylestown Hospital. There were 290 of them this year. And that's only those marking anniversaries in 5-year increments. Out of the current 2,196 Associates, 1,294 have been here for 5 or more years.

Those serving 25 or more years are thanked individually with special gifts at the event. There were a lot of special gifts this year.

  • 7 Associates celebrated 40 years
  • 11 Associates celebrated 35 years
  • 11 Associates celebrated 30 years
  • 37 Associates celebrated 25 years

Deb Hulme is one of the 40-year celebrants. She started out in Purchasing at the "old" hospital on Belmont Avenue in Doylestown Borough. She witnessed the great move into the current location on State Street in 1975. "That was kinda cool," recalled Deb.

After 25 years in Purchasing, Deb transitioned to her current position as Accounts Payable Clerk. She has seen quite a few changes over the years, including the addition of The Heart Institute, new construction resulting in the Pavilion and the new Emergency Department.

And yes, she still likes her job. Even though she never imagined having it for so long.

"When I was young, I thought 'I'll stay here maybe 10 years.' Then 10 years passed and computers were coming in and I said 'I'll stay here for that' and so on and so on. The next thing you know, 40 years have gone by. It is amazing," said Deb.

"The fact that so many Associates have worked at Doylestown Hospital for so many years really shows their dedication to the organization, and is the major reason why we are the well-respected community hospital we are," said Barbara Hebel, vice president Human Resources.

The Service Awards dinner is Barb's favorite event of the year. Behind the celebratory atmosphere and fun was some serious appreciation for these special Associates.

"The people who work here give the organization its character. Our Associates are exceptional at what they do, work well together as a team and always strive for excellence. That is our culture, and these are the people who help make it that way," said Hebel.

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