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Give Blood, The Gift of Life

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015
Donate Blood

Tis the season of giving. When you give blood, you can help save the lives of up to three people. Consider giving at the Doylestown Hospital blood drive on January 8, 2016.

Even with all the modern medical miracles there is one fact about blood that makes it so precious: blood cannot be manufactured, it can only come from generous donors.

Doylestown Hospital hosts several community blood drives throughout the year. Donations were down at our most recent drive in October, where 94 community members and hospital Associates donated blood. Typically 115 to 125 people donate.

Around the country, the holiday season is generally slower than the rest of the year in terms of blood donations. Holiday activities, severe weather and seasonal illnesses like the flu can keep donors away.

The need for blood never slows down. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. Blood is used in hospitals for more than emergencies. Many cancer patients need blood, sometimes daily, during chemotherapy treatment. Patients with sickle cell disease can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives.

The American Red Cross supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood supply and provides blood for patients in about 2,700 hospitals – including Doylestown Hospital – across the U.S. Most of the blood donations given to the Red Cross are collected at blood drives set up at community organizations, companies, schools, places of worship and military installations.

January is National Blood Donor Month. Doylestown Hospital is hosting a community blood drive on Friday, January 8, 2016 from 6:30 am to 5 pm in Conference Room J. We're hoping for strong donor turnout to start the New Year. Donors with all blood types are needed, especially those with types AB, O, B negative and A negative.

Consider making a New Year's resolution to save a life. Register at with sponsor code doylestownhos or call Doylestown Health's Richard A. Reif Heart Institute at 215-345-2328.

All donors at the January 8th blood drive at Doylestown Hospital will receive a voucher for a free pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. That's in addition to the free juice and cookies you get after donating blood.

If you aren't sure if you are eligible to give blood, call the Red Cross at 1-866-236-3276.

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