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Double The Triplets Triple The Fun

Monday, Jan 12, 2015

Two sets of triplets were born at Doylestown Hospital just four days apart. Before an ending to 2014 these families will never forget, the moms got to know each other online then in person.

These two local families have a lot in common.

When each set of parents found out in June they were expecting triplets, they both described their reactions as "shocked." Each was delighted to be welcoming two boys and a girl. The triplets would be joining an older brother in one family, and an older sister in the other.

Both moms had also turned to social media for camaraderie and support as they prepared for their triple bundles of joy.

Over the summer, Terri Thompson and Tanya Berman joined a private Facebook group for moms and expectant moms of triplets. Women from across the country and world shared their experiences and resources (multiple strollers, clothes, etc.) with one another; and ultimately formed online relationships.

It took a little time, but Terri and Tanya finally realized they were both patients of Scott Dinesen, DO, who was now providing their prenatal care.

Over the years, Dr. Dinesen had delivered six sets of triplets at Doylestown Hospital. He'd never had two sets quite so close together.

Terri and Tanya messaged each other online to confirm their gut feeling that they were both in the Bucks County area. Once they figured out they were both expecting triplets in February 2015, the women continued to message each other, and finally met at Dr. Dinesen's office about two months ago.

"I found a lot of comfort in the triplet group on Facebook," said Terri, who teaches third grade in the Central Bucks School District.

"It was nice. Terri and I wrote to each other and supported each other," said Tanya.

Over the last several months, Dr. Dinesen got to know both mothers well, seeing each two or three times a week due to the high-risk nature of their pregnancies. He delivered Tanya's first baby and Melanie Ware, DO, his partner, delivered Terri's first child.

Terri and her husband Scott planned to take it easy this Christmas, but soon started having contractions. Dr. Dinesen delivered the babies by C-section on December 27 in the VIA Maternity Center of Doylestown Hospital. Aidan and Allison weighed in at just over 3 pounds while Cole tipped the scales at just over 4 pounds.

The babies are doing well in the Intensive Care Nursery and they'll eventually join brother Jake, 3, at home.

The day before New Year's Eve, Tanya was at Doylestown Hospital for a prenatal test. She stopped in the Maternity Center to visit Terri, and told the nurses she'd see them in a few weeks for the delivery of her triplets.

But the babies had other plans. Tanya's water broke the morning of New Year's Eve, and Dr. Dinesen and the team sprang into action once again. Asher Saul and Ezra Noam weighed about 3.5 pounds and little sister Ridley Ayala weighed under 3 pounds. Tanya and her husband Jeffrey have already given the newborn girl the nickname of Riddle. The triplets join 2½-year-old sister, Dara, who said goodnight to the three babies in mommy's tummy each night during the pregnancy.

The triplets are doing well in the ICN, and Dara knows she has three new siblings to look forward to.

"It's exciting and scary at the same time," said Tanya. She and Jeffrey kept the names and sexes of the triplets under wraps in order to surprise their families once the babies were born.

Scott Thompson is also looking forward to times ahead. "It will be exciting for sure," said Scott, who has an identical twin brother.

Terri said her delivery experience was a positive one. "It could have been very stressful, but the staff made me so calm. Everything was so professional and well organized, but there was also laughter and smiling. I was praying the whole time with prayers of gratitude."

Terri added, "Dr. Dinesen, the Labor and Delivery staff, and the ICN staff have been amazing. They are so skilled and knowledgeable, while showing such care and warmth! Our babies are in excellent hands!"

Kathy Donahue, director of Maternal Child Services, said as far as she knows, this is the first time for simultaneous triplets at Doylestown Hospital. "It's exciting. We were prepared for both, so everything went very smoothly."

"It's just awesome that this could happen at a community hospital like Doylestown Hospital," said Dr. Dinesen. "It's great because both mothers have been patients of mine for a long time. Now that I've delivered their triplets, I'm part of their families forever. It's what we do, we help build families."

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