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Grateful for Gifts Large and Small

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015

As we begin a new year, we pause to consider all the gifts that help Doylestown Hospital fulfill its mission. Looking back at this past year, it’s clear that gifts of all sizes really do add up.

As an independent, nonprofit hospital, Doylestown Hospital is fortunate to have many generous donors who support our mission and services throughout the year.

These donors give for many different reasons. They are both young and old, and their gifts range from small to large. Here is a look at some of those donations whose size may not be of a grand scale, but whose impact is nonetheless far reaching.

Every Gift Counts

More than 2,200 donors gave to Doylestown Hospital during the last fiscal year. Donors gave generously to some of the hospital’s larger campaigns, including the new pediatric unit, the state-of-the-art 3T MRI and acquisition of the technologically advanced EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound). These gifts enable Doylestown Hospital to offer patients the latest proven technology, innovative procedures and leading-edge treatments not always found in a suburban hospital setting.

Ever hear the saying "every dollar counts"? It’s true. One-third of all the monetary gifts received last year were less than $100 each. All of these donations added up to a total of $37,563.

Every Cup Counts

Back in July, two local 12-year-olds collected money from their lemonade stand to donate to The Cancer Institute. They gathered the dollar bills and coins in a red Solo cup and presented their gift to Betsy Alexander, director of Cancer Services at Doylestown Hospital. The funds were not earmarked for any specific purpose, but could go toward anything from helping a patient receiving chemotherapy with the cost of a wig, to helping with a patient’s transportations costs.

"I think what comes to mind is that even the small donations create goodwill and spread the word through the community," said Betsy. "Specifically, the lemonade stand may not have netted a huge amount of money; however, it raised awareness in the community about The Cancer Institute. Our patients’ needs vary, some need a lot of help and some only need a little. They are all grateful."

All in the Family

The Carol and Louis Della Penna Pediatric Center was made possible by a generous gift from the Della Penna family, and will remain a vital part of the hospital with support from the community. Doylestown Hospital CEO Jim Brexler and his wife, Kelly, shared their excitement for the September 2014 opening of the center with their young children. Their sons, ages 5 and 8, got the message -- and took it a step further. Without prompting from their parents, the boys sold lemonade and hot chocolate in their neighborhood to benefit the center.

These home-grown hospital ambassadors raised more than a few dollars for the pediatric center. They raised awareness and proved you’re never too young to care about and support a good cause.

Coming Together

Several community organizations and partners held fundraisers throughout the year to benefit the hospital, reaching substantial totals through the participation and generosity of many individuals.

The CB East and West Girls Soccer teams held a "Kick for Pink" fundraiser in October, raising not only $3,000 for The Cancer Institute, but also awareness of breast cancer.

In November, cashiers at the Cowhey Family ShopRite dressed in scrubs for two weeks to collect donations for Doylestown Hospital, mainly in $1 or $5 increments, adding up to more than $6,000. The hospital’s health concierge is located in Health Connections at the Warminster supermarket, which has a retail pharmacy at the hospital. While the final gift was a substantial amount, it wouldn’t have been possible without all the smaller gifts that added up.

Honoring Loved Ones

Some local families turn tragedy into an opportunity to help others. Such was the case with the family of Patti Barrile, who passed away last Thanksgiving from breast cancer. Patti’s sister, Sandy Panuccio and her family, along with their friends, organized the "Patti’s Gift of Hope" evening of dinner and dancing this fall.

Thanks to the family’s determination and hard work, and the generosity of the many attendees, this event raised over $12,000 to benefit the Bridge Fund of The Cancer Institute of Doylestown Hospital. The Bridge Fund helps cancer patients who need assistance paying for certain aspects of care not covered by insurance.

The fourth annual Cycle Bucks County event held in June benefited Doylestown Health's Richard A. Reif Heart Institute. The event honored the memory of Tara L. Riedley, who died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart condition in 2008. The Cycle Bucks County ride was organized by the Tara L. Riedley Foundation in Association with the New Hope-Solebury Community Association.

More than 250 riders participated in the event, raising $5,000 for The Heart Institute.

These acts of kindness, of honoring loved ones and selflessly helping others, help make the Doylestown Hospital community the special place that it is.

"We live in a community that places high value on excellent health and wellness services for all," said Doylestown Hospital CEO Jim Brexler. "Our donors are generous because they care about their families, friends and neighbors. Every gift we receive has meaning and tremendous value. We truly appreciate every gesture of support."

As you can see, Doylestown Hospital relies on the donations from its caring community to support all of the hospital's programs and initiatives. If you were one of our donors this year, thank you. You have made a great impact on our organization and those we serve.

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