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President's Perspective

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015
Jim Brexler, CEO Doylestown Health

In the weeks and months ahead, you will see visible signs of this transformational change in health care as Doylestown Hospital and all of its related parts adopt the Doylestown Health name and a new logo that pays tribute to 120 years of community service. Doylestown Hospital was founded in 1923 by the Village Improvement Association. The VIA was formed by a group of women in 1895 who organized themselves to improve the health of the community. Today, we are building on our illustrious past to be a leader in the shifting healthcare market of the future.

These are exciting and inspirational times for the future of health care. Today, there is movement to branch out from the traditional ways of responding to illness to more proactive ways of promoting healthy lifestyles. In addition to high-quality, cost-effective treatment for illness when it occurs, an emphasis is being placed on health and wellness.

Doylestown Hospital is the flagship of the Doylestown Health system of services that includes Pine Run Community, physician practices, outpatient services, surgical center, nursing home and home health. Together under the Doylestown Health banner, all of our parts are more closely aligned, helping to connect patients, families and the community with streamlined healthcare services. A key ingredient to our success is the history of partnership with our medical community, which sets our tone for clinical excellence.

The addition of a new logo for our health system helps bring our vision of the future and the successes of the VIA to mind. Look closely and you will see the V, I and A in the shape of the icon, which has a modern look and suggests forward movement. The check mark of the "V" represents our continuing commitment to excellent care and affirmation of our mission to continuously improve the quality of life and proactively advocate for the health and well-being of the individuals and community we serve.

It is poetic irony that we expand our mission beyond illness to wellness in the 120th anniversary of the founding of the VIA, an organization of forward-thinking women who continue to guide us today. Doylestown Health is looking forward, literally and figuratively, to building upon our tradition of health. These truly are exciting and inspirational times.

Jim Brexler

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