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Halloween Safety Tips For Parents

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015
Halloween Safety Tips

Keep the kids safe on Halloween by following a few basic tips.

It can get scary out there. Not the ghosts or goblins, but the potential safety hazards posed by Halloween costumes, trick or treating at night and indulging in all that candy (the kids, not the parents!).

The following Halloween safety tips can help ensure a safe and satisfying holiday.

Concerning Costumes

  • Plan costumes that are bright and reflect light. Consider adding reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags.
  • Make sure costumes are short enough to prevent tripping or tangling.
  • Make sure costumes, wigs and accessories have labels clearly stating they are flame resistant. When making your own costume, use nylon or polyester materials, which are flame-retardant.
  • Think about using non-toxic makeup instead of a mask, which can block eyesight.
  • Do not use decorative or colored contact lenses. They can cause pain, inflammation and infections that may lead to permanent vision loss.

Trick-Or-Treating The Safe Way

  • Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat.
  • If older children are venturing out alone, review the route and agree on a specific time they should return home.
  • Hold a flashlight – with fresh batteries -- while trick-or-treating to help you see and to help others see you. A glow stick will also help you be seen.
  • Only cross the street as a group. Don't cross between parked cars.
  • Cross the street at the corner and not in the middle of the block.
  • Don't assume you and the children have the right of way. Drivers may have trouble seeing trick-or-treaters. Remember, pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries to children on Halloween.
  • Walk, don't run.
  • If you're displaying a carved pumpkin, consider using a flashlight, flameless candle or glow stick instead of a burning candle.

Healthy Happy Halloween

  • Encourage children to have a good meal prior to trick-or-treating. Don't go out on an empty stomach.
  • Don't let kids snack while trick-or-treating. Inspect all the treats before your child digs in.
  • Throw away any treat that is not sealed, has torn packaging, is spoiled or otherwise suspicious.
  • Consider handing out non-food treats (like coloring books, pens and pencils) for those who come to your house.
  • Try to ration treats. Consider donating excess candy to a food pantry or other charity.

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Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Mayo Clinic

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