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Hospice Care: Caring for the Entire Family

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016
Hospice nurse Angela DeAlbuquerque, RN, Billie Mae Sabatini and Lori McLaughlin

In their time of need, the family of the late Robert Sabatini, DDS, relied on Doylestown Hospital Hospice for compassionate end-of-life care and support for the whole family.

"Dad was a wonderful husband, a great father and grandfather, but a proud man who managed to hide a number of major medical issues from the family for many years," explains his daughter Lori McLaughlin, as she recalls the end-of-life situation that finally precipitated Renee Sangrigoli, MD, to recommend Doylestown Hospital Hospice. "After many serious hospital stays in a short period of time, Dad's quality of life plummeted. There were too many different problems. He just wasn't able to fight any longer."

The closely-knit Hospice care team, consisting of a primary nurse and a supportive team of clinicians to assist in patient care, first visited Lori's Dad, Robert Sabatini, DDS, in Doylestown Hospital. They worked cohesively with the nurses on 2 North to help him transition home, where the hospice nurses and hospice aides then offered hands-on medical assistance with 24/7 support.

The comprehensive Hospice team also provided comfort and education to Lori and her husband, Patrick; Dr. Sabatini's wife, Billie Mae; and Lori's children, Kevin and Colleen. Dr. Sabatini peacefully passed away in the familiar surroundings of his home.

"You're there with your heart in your lap, you're extraordinarily tired, and these angels come in at this vulnerable time and become a part of the family to make you comfortable with this difficult situation," says Lori. "The kindness, respect, compassion and gentleness we experienced was just incredible."

Certified Hospice Services

When a patient's life expectancy is measured in months, and when curative treatment no longer seems appropriate, Doylestown Hospital Hospice can provide expert pain management, symptom-control techniques, caregiver relief, psychosocial and spiritual support, bereavement support, medical therapies and other palliative care. Our compassionate approach to end-of-life care includes physician services, registered nurses, a chaplain, a social worker, home health aides, volunteers, and bereavement counselors who work together to help the entire family during these very difficult times.

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