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President's Perspective

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016
Jim Brexler, CEO Doylestown Health

A lasting legacy, built on connections

Excellence in healthcare depends on constant change.

That probably isn't news to anyone in our community, and it certainly isn't news to us. We've been evolving and expanding since 1923 into today's highly respected, non-profit community healthcare system with a national reputation for high-quality healthcare services.

Under the Doylestown Health banner, we are now better able to coordinate the delivery of care throughout our community to ensure even better and healthier results.

Our healthcare system's flagship, Doylestown Hospital, was founded 93 years ago by the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown. Yet 25 years earlier, the members of this women's organization were already hard at work encouraging wellness in the community and caring for those who were sick through home care and residential services. Since the founding of the hospital, a major focus has been to provide the best medical care through advanced technologies.

While the pursuit of medical excellence is never ending for us, today we are designing systems to keep you out of the hospital, either through education of healthy lifestyle choices, better chronic disease management, or by returning you to the community with the resources to heal. It is humbling to think that the foundation for the changes we're experiencing in healthcare in the 21st century was laid in the 19th century by a group of visionary and enterprising women.

In a word, the changes in healthcare today are about "connections." Doylestown Health is focused to improve the coordination of care for everyone in our community. We are promoting wellness and treating illness through connectivity with all parts of our comprehensive health system.

It's our privilege to build, on the legacy of the Village Improvement Association, a health system that connects with you now — and for the future.

Jim Brexler

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