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Doylestown Hospital will provide complimentary valet services Monday – Friday from 7 am – 5 pm for patients and visitors. Learn more

Doylestown Health’s Animal-Assisted Activity Program

Animal-assisted activity is a service where trained and certified therapy teams consisting of a dog and handler visit patients and family members in the hospital. Animal-assisted activity can bring comfort and happiness to patients as they heal.

About our therapy dogs

About Our Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs enhance the patient experience at Doylestown Health, providing welcome companionship and comfort for patients and their families. Our therapy dogs are specially trained animals who have earned credentials from a therapy organization that confirms their temperament and ability to function effectively in a hospital setting.

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Volunteer with your dog

Get Involved

Whether you have a registered therapy dog or are an animal lover ready to volunteer, there are many ways to participate in Doylestown Health’s Animal-Assisted Activity program.

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Pediatric therapy dogs

Pediatric Therapy Dogs

Doylestown Health partners with Roxy Therapy Dogs to share therapy dogs with our pediatric patients and families.

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Contact the Volunteer Office

Call the Volunteer Office at (215) 345-2204.

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