Heart and Vascular

Patient Stories and Experiences

Patient Stories and Experiences

Meet amazing patients who have benefitted from life-saving care offered by Doylestown Health's Heart and Vascular Center. Read compelling patient stories that give insight into patient experiences at Doylestown Health.

  • Tom Lacy, Patient Story

    Treating AFib with the World's Smallest Pacemaker: Tom’s Story

    When atrial fibrillation (AFib) was slowing Tom Lacy down on the golf course, Doylestown Health's AFib Center gave him the option of an innovative leadless pacemaker to treat his heartbeat.

  • Guarricino

    Saved by Strangers With Big Hearts

    When Michael's heart stopped beating, strangers stepped in to help save his life. Learn how strangers and Doylestown Hospital helped save his life.

  • Victor Lance

    Life Without AFib: Victor's Story

    Learn how cardiac ablation eliminated the symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation for patient Victor Lance, who is thrilled to be back to his active lifestyle.

  • Heart Failure

    Enjoying Life With Heart Failure

    Mark Shelling chose Doylestown Health to manage his heart failure. Thanks to a personalized care plan including an implantable biventricular cardiac defibrillator (ICD), he’s back to enjoying life.

  • Principal Heart Valve

    Principal Does Her Homework: Chooses Doylestown Health For Heart Valve Surgery

    During a routine check-up, Christine Bradley's primary care physician picked up a heart murmur, an unusual sound heard during a heartbeat, and sent her for an echocardiogram. "He called me that night with the results and said I needed to follow up with a cardiologist," says Christine.

  • Gerry D'Arcy

    Transitional Cardiac Care: A Helping Hand, from Hospital to Home

    Doylestown Health's unique cardiac transitional care program keeps patients healthy after surgery – and provides an extra level of comfort and care.

  • Andrew Charlesworth | Aortic Dissection

    Taking Cardiac Symptoms to Heart

    Doylestown Health experts quickly diagnose and treat a man's uncommon--but life-threatening--cardiac condition.

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